Squid Game - Love it or hate it?


Same! I actually enjoyed reading and watching Hunger Game. Although that’s also about killing and survival game, I don’t think it was as gruesome as Squid Game. And although both use the theme of entitled people killing other people for entertainment, Hunger Game was in the unrealistic futuristic setting so it didn’t seem as real or disturbing as Squid Game.

Totally agree. Everybody’s acting was so good and believable, except for the 4 foreign VIPs at the end! Their acting/speaking was so unnatural and B-rated! The grandfather and the other foreigner, Ali’s actings were all great, too!


Good point about Hunger Games. I had mentioned that I stay far away from ‘Squid Games’ type shows, and yet I did watch and love Hunger Games. I couldn’t really reconcile why that would be the case. Without having watched Squid Games for comparison purposes, it’s a reasonable explanation that it wasn’t overly gruesome for too long, and it took place in a dystopian future, so it was less realistic. Sadly, watching people beat the snot out of each other for sport has been a part of the human story throughout history.


@ajumma2 Organ harvesting?

I’m kind of getting curious to watch the rest. I’m gonna try later on. I just finished Quarantine2: Terminal, and I was screaming and running away from some scenes (my kids get so upset) lol.

They ask me why watch it if i’m so scared, but is zombies movies that get to me really bad and I don’t know why bc I know it’s all fake. lol

I watched all of Hunger Games but I didn’t see it as bad as squid game or Alice in Borderland.

I’ll try again. I’ll keep in touch if I do.


Did you watch Maze Runner Series - that is similar to Hunger Games but it is good!


Maze Runner series is one of few movies I liked better than the book! Books are typically so much better than the movies, but I just couldn’t finish reading Maze Runner after going through half of the 2nd book.


I have seen the Maze Runner series, yes. Also liked that one.


same here me too


I found Hunger Games slightly hard to watch, but I adored the series. I really hate watching survivor shows. Especially last man standing shows that need everyone else dead. I can’t stand perfectly healthy, youthful bodies destroying each other for entertainment.

I felt like The Hunger Games was bearable because the author was actually trying explain a Marxist(or am I confusing it with Divergent?) world. The issue with dividing people into groups and making them conform to it. The way such systems just widen the rich-poor gap. There’s always one group that dominates over the other. The way some people are used for entertainment purposes just because the group they’ve been forced into is somehow “less” than the others. It was a very thoughtful series, in the end. I don’t think I’ll be going near Squid Game anytime soon.

Didn’t like Maze Runner, though.


Couldn’t do it; Squid Game just gets worst with each coming episode, and I can’t give rating viewership; to such a carnage of human beings. I did give it a THUMBS DOWN on my part.

DID watch it fully


Squid Game - never considered it, as I said violence is not my main theme.
The Hunger Games - my BFF read the books, I didn’t want to, then the movies came - then our pack of 4 wanted to go to the movies, and yes, I was outnumbered, so it was decided to watch I think part 3. At the end they went alone, I watched part 1 and 2 to prepare myself for nothing, but well as I said not the kind of story I prefer.
And what is it you mentioned, oh, Maze Runner, LOL never heard of it.


Agreed. I liked the lesson it was teaching.

I don’t think you’d like it.

For some reason, it’s really popular among younger generation, including teenagers, in the US. I’m not letting my kids watch it.

Squid Game actually has a lesson in it, too, but I think it would’ve been much better if they didn’t show the actual killing so graphically.


I recently watched MMTG’s newest episode, where they brought two young teenagers on set with Key from SHINee… I also follow a few YT channels and I’m moderately active on Instagram, where teenagers from all over the world display their likes and dislikes.

I decided that I’d rather NOT identify myself with the teenagers of the world :joy: I love my ahjussis(Lee Joon Gi and Yoo Seung Ho, come save my 2021! :sob:) and ahjummas and older-people romances. I just have different tastes :sweat_smile:


It does have moments to reflect on not making mistakes that in the end might destroy them, and the innocent people around them. Like I always think about the girl that will never see her mom again, and she might not be able to study at all, but work to support herself.

I bet anything that if she had to choose between letting her mom playing the game and risking her life, I bet the daughter would tell her mom ‘‘let’s struggle together’’ rather than risking losing her in the end.

Basically like @ajumma2 wrote. the killings were too graphic and grotesque (the one’s where they are running through the glass/the sound as their skulls cracked) oh my…they really went overboard with the sound effects.

I bet young kids see the red/green light part, and they will get traumatized, and might never play Red light/green light again. In my Island, we call it ‘‘La cebolla’’ and instead of a gun shot, we get a beating with a belt if we don’t ‘‘freeze’’ good enough. I played ONCE and that was enough for me. lol


You seem to have a good head over your shoulders anyway, so you are fine! :smiley:

Wait… you consider young’uns like Lee Joon Gi and Yoo Seung Ho Ahjussis!!! Talk about generation gap! lololol


Wow, that’s harsh for a children’s game!


off topic


They took advantage bc I had arrived just a few days from New York to live with my grandma in Puerto Rico. My Spanish at that time was not too clear, so I didn’t know the rules, and got too many belt whacks. When my grandmother saw my legs all red she came down with a belt, and hit all of them one by one. Since she was highly respected; no parents complained, and I never ever played that horrible game…


Okay, Lee Joon Gi is almost 40 so he’s a real ahjussi for me… Seung Ho is 28 so I shouldn’t be considering him an ahjussi.

When I say ahjussis, I mean the group of actors just before this new set (Lee Do Hyun, Song Kang, Kim Min Jae, Bae In Hyuk, Hwang In Yeop, Cha Eun Woo) that have just reached the spotlight.


Is he really?! I didn’t realize he was that “old!” Ok, you are right. He has “earned” the title of ahjussi. :sweat_smile:



I prefer to watch a show that I know is all fictional than movies that reflect reality, see below.
(No, in reality I’ve seen both movies and therefore may rate the fictional events in Squid Game perhaps differently.)
Some participants were able to preserve their humanity, others not and still others only found their way back to it at the end.

What regularly upsets me is this organ harvesting, because that is totally unscientific. No medical professional can seriously do anything with organs that have been treated that badly.