Squid Game - Love it or hate it?


An interesting article. By the way, I watched the show with my oldest son and I had noticed quite a few mistranslations throughout the series.


Well that does not bode well - if you don’t even get the literal translation to understand what the screen writer was attempting to do with the series. Kind of sad.


Usually, I find the NF subtitles to be fairly accurate, so I was surprised to see even some of the simpler dialogues mistranslated. Makes you appreciate those highly competent (Viki) translators more.:wink:


Definitely - Some of the translations I believe at the end of Incurable Love were kind of weird maybe they have not been revised yet. I have seen a few here and there - but I do get the gest of what is going on even if the subs are a little wonky! We love our subbers!


What are you working on right now??? Red Sky???


I don’t have much time to translate nowadays since I am going through so much for my condo purchase. A ton of paperwork, inspections, scheduling movers, cleaners, floor installers, etc.


I understand I have worked in real estate before - ugh - all that stuff - but you will be done soon!


Nope, since right after I settle into my condo, I will be putting my house up for sale.


Oh BOY! :frowning:


In my opinion it gets more views from Netflix binge-watchers that wanna watch anything that is trending these days. To be honest I’m not the big fan of a brutal shows too. I’ve lost interest in them ever since I stepped into the bright sight of romantic k-dramas. Anyways, it’s just too much out there, to please the average Netflix viewer. And not really the typical kdrama fan. I’ve only watched it because everyone was talking about it and I felt like an outsider, but I didn’t enjoy it… :frowning: I knew I wouldn’t…


Yes, I had even told my friends that Squid Game translation is the worst I’ve seen in Netflix. I do feel a little sorry for that translator as he/she is getting bashed online though. But hopefully Netflix will do a better quality check on their translation.


I don’t have the streaming platform, but I stumbled today on YT over a short recap of all eps and was kinda shocked. - I don’t like the idea that rich have nothing else in their life than entertain themselves with “manhunt”. - I just hope this won’t be something “possible” in future :open_mouth::disappointed_relieved:

Viki had a movie long time ago “A Million” and it was a survival chase for the money bag, watched by the rich… like “Rat Race” movie, but this one wasn’t bloody!
When it comes to survival, probably some animalistic traits will kick in…

Therefore, I’m not fond of it, using/killing humans as entertainment product… I find it almost dangerous… folks might become even more desensitized…


For those of you who do not want to watch it, but want to know what’s going on so you know what people are talking about, you can just watch this 45 min summary channel without any of the blood and gore. We told our kids they can watch this version if they want.

I think @angelight313_168 had already shared this link above.


I watched the trailer and It is just too brutal for me.

I like people too much to want to see regular ol’ broke folks getting slaughtered for some insane game. It’s like Hunger Games on steroids. I am of the mindset - ‘We are in this together - let’s help each other out.’ I don’t like the dog-eat-dog mentality.


That’s good! I’ve watched some 2,5h dubbed shortened version on yt cause im too stingy to pay for Netflix :joy:


i’m gonna put a request. i like the actors so wanna see how good they acted in that movie



I was shocked when in [SQUID GAME] the subber used slangs I know ppl. from SK would never use (unless they are raised here). That subber is new; the really good one her name is CHOI… forgot the rest, but I see ‘‘choi name.’’ I know we’ll have awesome subs! Others do suck but she picks the drama/movies she subs.

The Foreigners said one thing, the subber wrote something similar, but not what the man said. Don’t understand why that person did that made no sense.


PS. PUT the House for sale as soon as possible’ don’t wait bc ppl are buying now, but soon it will stop, and you’ll be stuck with both (although you can rent the house, but with economy going downhill they won’t even pay rent). GOOD LUCK!


@ajumma2, not to minimize her fault, but I do feel sorry for the translator. She probably was paid pittance for her contribution and now she’s getting bashed by people who most likely have no idea how difficult and time consuming it is to provide subtitles. It is always easier to second-guess someone else’s work.

@angelight313_168, I do plan on selling my house as soon as I am settled into my new place but it might be a little difficult with the holidays coming soon. I can’t believe we are almost at the end of the year already.


Off topic …


Netflix pays good money for translations ( I looked into it with my daughter). The problem Netflix has is that the hours can be grueling, and in the middle of the night/at all times. You have to be a ‘‘Doctor’’ on call at all time. Only young healthy people can take such a strenuous job.
The bad part is you can even have High School diploma only, and work as a subber, and some high school kids can’t even write a decent essay. I think they should hire subbers with at least some College credits.
Whatever you do about the house I hope you leave someone inside bc of the squatters that they move in empty houses, and take over them. This is happening in every state and even here in New Jersey! My ex rented a house in Florida but when they arrived they had squatters that took over the house he rented, he had to put his furniture in storage, and live in a Hotel for months before they could get rid of the squatters. This happened years back but is happening now a lot. Look on Youtube all the REAL stories. I hope you live in a nice area where that won’t happen, but take all precautions. Better safe than sorry.


So true! The 2nd or 3rd iteration of translation-edits is always better. I could totally translate-edit my own subs if I had the time to go through them again! lol

If I hadn’t subbed before, I might have been more critical of her translation, but knowing how difficult it can be under a time crunch, I can definitely be more sympathetic.

Her (assuming it was done by a female translator) translation wasn’t entirely horrible. It just seemed like she took a lot of liberty of interpreting the lines and wrote what she thought was close enough. And trust me, I had seen plenty of really terrible and completely wrong translations that wasn’t even close to the original meaning on Viki in the past.