Squid Game - Love it or hate it?


Yeah me neither. It’s sooo popular those days but I really don’t like it. One thing really make me feel disgusting is 456 is kind to everyone he met in the game, especially 001. But when it comes to his mom, he suddenly became kindless. I cannot understand when he stole his mom’s money (or even cancel her insurance) to gamble, why isn’t he kind at that time.


Like I said earlier, if you win you get the prize, if you lose, you die! yes its a terrible one, and don’t know or understand why its so popular, and now another season??? wow, there must be a lot of hate floating around!!


I agree with you.

I can understand why there’s another season as they left a lot of questions to be answered, including the relationship between the main guy and the old man. They should also explain more about the Front Man and the recruiter guy (Gong Yoo). I am also hoping that the main guy (and maybe the cop who may have miraculously survived from the shot and the fall?) will somehow stop this game permanently.


I read that second season will take long although some parts are being filmed already. They want to be able to cover every part without leaving unanswered questions. I read an article that second season is more geared to destroying this deadly game, that has caused so much pain to so many families. I saw expected release of second season as of 2024, but we all know that greediness might make them to speed up things. Money talks bu**ht walks and they are really making good money with this so controversial movie.



Squid game is dubbed into my language


Do you have a video of it?


I didn’t watch but videos were posted on sns



I’ve seen those memes all over the places and tbh I agree with that second one :laughing:


I didn’t like it either but not because it wasn’t a good series but because that is not my genre.i prefer romance and and comedy and the ancient series.
This was to dark for my taste


I was watching the Big Fat Quiz of 2021 and guess who the last “guest” was :laughing:
Warning: occasional bad language

It starts at 1:27:36


This is hilarious! And the eyes! lol
I would’ve been so distracted with the sound effect through since I know what it says! lol


I know I’m really late, I hope noone has answered that before me, because then I will be late AND stupid :smiley: I prefer being one of those things at one time

So in Poland we say:
“Raz, dwa, trzy, Baba Jaga patrzy” which translates kinda into “One, two, three, the Witch is now looking at you”
So one kid is a witch (it’s more like a fairy tale word, not exactly a witch, but I don’t know what would be closer) and the rest is pretty conventional. Those, who get caught moving must go the beginning line and the game ends, when someone touches the Witch. Then the roles switch.


Hahah I think they know what the doll says (not in Korean of course).
I didn’t say this before, and I don’t remember when they said it, but one of the questions was about squid game and all of the teams answered correctly. So I think they know of the series :laughing:.


Teaser for the second season and a message for the fans. -> be warned the message contains spoilers. The teaser doesn’t, so if you only want to see the teaser, you can scroll down and skip the brown paper message till you see the video.


I also thought it was too violent and couldn’t get into it either. It didn’t help my roommates played it dubbed. At that point that’s when my brain signed out. I don’t “get” squid game. I tried it again with Korean closed captions but couldn’t get past 10 min.