Squid Game - Love it or hate it?



It sounds like the game [TAG (you are it!)]. I played this game a lot here in NY streets. Back in the 60’s so you know how long that was for me lol.


How to pronounce your name correctly?


Yes, there was another game we played. One player stayed at one side and all the other kids on the other side.
The one kid would shout, since the other stood in good distance: Wer hat Angst vorm schwarzen Mann? (Who fears the dark man?) The kids would answer: Niemand! (Nobody!) Then the next question was: Wenn er aber kommt? (What if he comes?) The kids answer while running in all directions: Dann laufen wir davon! (Then we will run away!)
Goal of the game: The kids needed to get to the side where the dark man came from, while the dark man needed to catch one or more kid/s and bring them to the other side. So the number of dark men was growing, the last kid that will eventually the new dark man and it starts from the beginning.

Well dark man, is my interpretation since it literally means black man, as kids we didn’t mean the man with dark skin, because the dark man we got to know until that age was, one of the 3 kings from the Christmas story, Jim Knopf, well from black and white TV Daktari and Serengeti, Roberto Blanco and the little moor on the chocolate paper … When I got into school there were at least 3 boys with a little darker skin but not that much, I can’t even tell much about where their roots were from. We kids back then didn’t care much about it, or at least I didn’t.
Little did we know …
Anyway back to the topic the dark man for us was either the chimney sweepy, in our childhood they still could get black faces while working or Knecht Ruprecht (Servant Rupert) the one who came along with Santa Claus, he was dark, grumpy and evil, so if I were to think of any “black man” it would have been the black hearted Knecht Ruprecht.


So I guess there is only an missing, but I’ll leave it for the pro’s.


It is l or r.


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I think this is very important to share with others especially if we have young kids at home, children and grandchildren. I am so heartbroken with this new thing killing our kids. PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS be alert of this new deadly ‘‘game’’


I hid mine since it was off topic. Apparently, this game isn’t that new… it’s been around for a while, but it keeps getting ‘revived’ due to “new” challenges.

Still, very sad :cry:



Yes, is coming back again since your story happened back in May 2020, and you won’t believe this, even an actor died doing that, but it turns out he use to do it since he was very young, and 72 was when his luck ran out. Although the boy seemed kind of depressed and I don’t know how they missed that. The way he says so sad she thinks is funny


David Carradine
Carradine in 2008
Born John Arthur Carradine Jr.December 8, 1936 Los Angeles, California, U.S
Died June 3, 2009 (aged 72) Bangkok, Thailand
Cause of death Asphyxiation


Yes, it was like a combination of Red Light/Green Light and Tag, You are It.


I read that it officially is getting a 2nd season.
Is this something to be happy about?
I still won’t watch it.


Absolutely, there were many unanswered questions, I’m eagerly waiting for the official announcement of second season thanks for the info!


Man sollte es natürlich Kindern nicht zeigen. Wobei ich sagen muss, dass das Töten mit den Gewehren merkwürdig steril vor sich geht. Niemand wird gemetzelt (außer in den anderen Auseinandersetzungen), sie werden nur alle irgendwie beseitigt. Schmerzhafter anzusehen sind wie gesagt teils die individuellen Tode, vor allem aber die manchmal nur zu vorhersehbaren zwischenmenschlichen Interaktionen. Man wünscht sich, dies und das möchte einmal doch nicht eintreten und ahnt bereits schon, dass es unweigerlich kommt.
Darum geht es mE im Kern auch und das war sehr interessant anzusehen.

P.S.: Ich habe, nachdem ich ihn gegoogelt hatte, von dem Regisseur auch “Silenced” gesehen. (Beruht auf einer wahren Geschichte; interessanterweise muss man hierfür auf NF den Kindersicherungscode eingeben. Ich ahne aber auch, warum.) Wenn man den Hintergrund des Drehbuchautors und Regisseurs ein wenig kennt, versteht man seine Intention, siehe auch das folgende YT - Video.)


Like she says in the video, I wonder how many people caught the real life references.

Again, I like watching the content explaining aspects about SQ, but not the series itself :laughing:


It says the video is unavailable
It’s there @feyfayer


That’s odd. I don’t know what is happening. It shows up when I add it but then it says this. Let me try to figure this out…

@padmalayag what about now?


Now it works.


Nah, I’ll pass. Squid game is a horrible show where hopeful people hoping for an oportunity to win themselves out of poverty, find themselves in hell where everyone dies, or just about everyone. And they turn on each other to survive. It’s too brutal for me. There are other shows similar to that, I don’t watch those either.


You are mistaken, I know this is a spoiler but, that applies for the 1st game only out of 6 games.
They all come back willing to play it, and they know that they will die if they lose.


Ok. I admit ignorance. But it still does not entice me to view it. :sunglasses: