Steamy drama suggestions?


I need suggestions!
I’m looking for something where the male lead is … horny…?
Not necessarily 18+, but something where the ML clearly finds his lady super sexy and alluring, and you can tell he’s thinking dirty thoughts when he looks at her. Preferably romance, not to serious or heavy, but I’m open to all suggestions. Any country / movie and drama both work.

**bonus points for skinship, or him acting on his desires


Bride for rent: shower scene

My secret romance: kitchen scene


The best and also the steamiest drama I’ve seen on viki so far is Misty
Far more than those examples you linked to as those are cute. In Misty her former lover is anything but cute; he’s very masculine and straightforward


Hot and steamy you say… have you tried “I Need Romance” ?

Next to that I made a topic for the more mature drama years ago, you can find more suggestions in there: