STRANGERS 6 [recruiting Japanese+Korean+Chinese/English subbers, segmenters]

Strangers 6 (2012) is a collaborative drama series between Japan, China, and Korea.

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Manager @jwindsong

Plot synopsis

Set in the near future, it centers around the fictional Chinese city of Haiwan, a huge economical hub. However, the city is doomed to collapse under a gigantic earthquake predicted to hit the city within the next three months. The chance to prevent the disaster requires installing a special device underneath the city, which needs cutting-edge technology and an unimaginable sum of money from all three countries. Believing that this is the only way to protect their economy, the countries are quick to agree on this joint-operation and hasten their efforts in order to complete the device as soon as possible. However, somebody is trying to interfere with the project and attempts to assassinate the people involved. In order to protect the project and to find out who is behind the assassination plot, the three countries form a top-secret group, ‘Strangers 6′, which is made up of their best experts and agents.

Japan: Karasawa Toshiaki, Kikawada Masaya
Korea: Oh Ji Ho, Kim Hyo Jin
China: Bowie Lam, Liu Xuan


Everyone is welcome to join in to help; if you have experience, that’s a plus. (Generally, you may not moderate without experience.)

  • Segmenters (be able to seg on fan channel)
  • Japanese/English translators
  • Korean/English translators
  • Chinese/English translators (be able to understand Mandarin and/or Cantonese)
  • Language moderators & other translators

Note1: Videos have Japanese hardsubs for Korean/Chinese/English dialogue.
Note2: We’re primarily looking for segmenters & Japanese/Korean/Chinese translators

If you’re interested in helping, leave a reply below.

I’d like to help segment. When are you expecting the videos to be loaded?

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Hi @Hesto! I have a few episodes uploaded, but I’m waiting to hear back from jwindsong as to when we should add videos - like if we ought to gather more help first or just start adding. I can message you when we start adding vids?

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hi!! i´d like to help to segment

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I can help with the sub

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cool cool! Ping me when it’s ready!

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Can I please help as a segmenter?

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@mag11 @kitty100

Great! I’ll add both of you to the team list as well! Again, I’m PM you guys when I get videos up.


Yay~ I’ll add you as a subber. Just to check, but you do Japanese to English?

Episodes 1-2 are uploaded. Segmenting in progress. Still recruiting segmenters!

Languages we are recruiting English subbers for:
Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese


yup :slight_smile: japanese to english. just wanna know if the videos are restricted? I’m a QC but sometimes I can’t view videos…

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Hi, if you are a QC you should have access to the videos. :slight_smile:

Just for future reference, (and as far as I’m aware) QC status doesn’t have any bearing on fan channels.

Some episodes get flagged for audio content - I think it’s the ending theme by SHINee. But I don’t recall any regional restrictions for video playback, so it should be accessible by all.

By the way, I have up to episode 10 uploaded; they’ll be added to the channel in a few hours. And I plan to have all episodes up by Thursday latest.

Ah should I remove the ending theme song? Thanks for uploading!

@jwindsong Um, seems unnecessary. I can do it when I’m splitting the videos but I hadn’t for the first half…so I just didn’t bother with the ones after. I say flagged, but I just mean YT recognizes the content as belonging to some company. Since the content isn’t getting blocked, I figure they just get a bit of ad revenue.

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I can help with Japanese -> English translation as well. :slight_smile:
Mostly just for the spoken japanese and not the hardsubs though… my kanji knowledge is quite subpar… ^^

EDIT: just checked some of the 1st episode. The subtitled text aren’t as hard as I thought… :blush:

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@Ematan Awesome! Will add you to the team ^^
The subbed text is for non-Japanese dialogue, and we’ve got some translators for those languages (Korean, Chinese). As far as I’m aware, at least for now, people are just supposed to sub the spoken language they know??

Ah, and make sure to read through the notes on the channel wall and team notes. Then you’re good to go! :slight_smile:

Ok :3 Just leave it then


You do not have to sub the hardsubbed Japanese parts; please only sub the Japanese dialogue. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I tried to download Strangers 6 subtitles at Viki.
But, the channel is already gone.
What is happening here?