Subathon 2020 - C/T dramas only

Although it’s nice that we’ll have a subathon in October 2020 I think it’s a bit sad that this subathon is only meant for Chinese and Taiwanese dramas.

VIKI has so many different languages and dramas, why dividing the volunteer community into different groups?

Some may not care about a badge while others might like to collect them as some kind of virtual goodie / accessory for their profiles.

Shouldn’t a community event include the whole community (and drama’s main languages) instead of just 2?



I wasn’t even aware of this! Did you get a message about it?

Okay, found it:

  • But why was it mentioned only there?

  • And indeed, why only Chinese and Taiwanese?

  • And why top 100 badges only for those 6 languages? How is that fair? We may be able to choose to sub a Chinese or Taiwanese show, but we cannot choose where we came from or do a last minute language course. And the smaller languages work just as hard (or even harder since they’re often alone or in small teams).


I think Viki has chosen both Chinese and Taiwanese channels because they are REALLY in need of volunteers. You can contribute as a segmenter or subber for any language but for Chinese or Taiwanese channels.

Chinese channels are the ones that have too many episodes to help.


I was not happy with why only CHINESE/TAIWANESE, but after the explanation, I looked at myself and realized that I never worked on any Chinese show however Taiwanese are frequent, so I am okay with only C/T for now.
But I have one more suggestion; if we can get badges irrespective of the language we sub in, that can be fair to minority languages.
Just like, top 100 seggers will get badges, so should 100 subbers must have the share. Like this, we, the people of minority languages at Viki can have something to enjoy about and get something in return for our double efforts than the languages that’ll get badges.


I did receive an e-mail, though for the first time it was unreadable. There was one sentence chopped in 3 parts. Weird.

…I love it how ALL Latin languages are included for the top 100, EXCEPT for Romanian… I wonder if it’s the moment for our community of Romanian volunteers to feel discriminated…



i just saw the announcement in the App on my phone and was excited to participate, just to discover that no matter how hard i try i can’t get one of the top 100 badges as they are for specific languages.

I will start a discussion asking to change it to all languages, hope this will encourage the Arabic subtitler as there are way too many dramas without arabic translation on


Exactly, every language is not treated equally here and I am upset about it.


I will have a poll about the language badge, if that is okay.

  • Badges for only 6 mentioned languages
  • Badges for all languages with more than 100 translated shows
  • Give badges to 100 top subbers irrespective of their language

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I don’t want such a nice platform to discriminate between languages. :cry::cry:


please do that in my topic as well

I had no idea this was a thing either. I mainly sub and segment Chinese or Taiwanese dramas, but I’m not sure I’ll participate in this one :thinking:

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I got an email with this info yesterday and I read it twice because first I thought that can’t be true… (with the parting of the community & dramas) :frowning:


The email was only readable after I deactivated the anti spam/script /ad blocker in my browser, before that the mail was almost blank with few words that didn’t give proper info (only subathon was visible and new features).

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I think we should discuss here instead of splitting the discussion into 2 threads.

Best would be to add a link so all post here since this thread already has more answers :slight_smile:

I was thinking about this aspect too but if people only sub Chinese / Taiwanese dramas because of a subathon the quality will suffer because if they feel forced to do something they might care less about the final result and just want the badge.

If VIKI really wants Chinese / Taiwanese dramas to be subbed faster VIKI should think about a more efficient way than a subathon.

(Depending on the language the Chinese dramas that are interesting do have subbers though; it may take longer when the teams are smaller and the dramas have more episodes but it’s not as if Chinese dramas (not sure about Taiwanese) do have per se a huge delay / no subbers at all, especially not in the mentioned ‘special’ languages.)

I’m only working on Chinese dramas (with ~2 exceptions in the past) and the volunteers are usually from the same group (segmenters, channel managers, OL moderators, subbers). The segmenting and English subs teams are quite fast, the Spanish and Portuguese teams are very fast too, Italian, French and German teams need a bit longer but are usually the first OL that complete the whole drama. So at least for the Chinese dramas I was working on the delay for OL was mainly caused if we had to wait for the GO from the English editor and not because we had no subbers at all.

(The languages with fewer subbers that need more time to finish a drama aren’t even appreciated by this event with a special badge. There are some volunteers for certain languages who almost sub dramas by their own because they don’t find enough other subbers to help them.)

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I think it would help more if the episodes of the long Chinese dramas wouldn’t get released so fast after each other. Six episodes a week is quite overwhelming for a lonely subber.
For Taiwanese dramas it would help if there were more licenses. There’s so many Taiwanese dramas that a lot of people can’t even watch, let alone sub.
And you can contribute for any language, but you won’t get a top 100 badge for any language, cause they are only for the chosen few.


I was just about to say that one of the aims was probably for volunteers so set in their K-dramas to venture into an uncharted territory :grin:It’s not the first time a subathon focuses on a certain type of drama. This is hardly extraordinary.

However, Romanian and Arabic are extremely popular on Viki, and yet, no mention of them in the subathon. Why?

What’s worse is, they try to explain why they focus on only those five languages (cultural months and all of that), but they skip why they included French! Like, “they won’t notice if our explanation sentence is very long”. Pffff…

It might, but it hasn’t for me. If one’s working habits are good, it’s hard to do a crappy job.
Also, subathons generally, for the same reason as you mentioned, bring out the dot and GT dumbasses who think they can get away with cheating.

I know exactly what you mean. But I’ve seen cases where the upload to Viki is slower than broadcasting, and Viki then usually looses its audience. They go watch it on YouTube or some other mysterious Facebook channel/page.


It depends on the person, of course. I was also thinking about the organisation, e.g. for my recent projects we already build the teams and made the charts who’s subbing which part/episode; when someone now just wants to join because of the subathon while we have to wait for the GO of the English editor a new team member probably won’t be able to sub enough parts to get a special badge or a badge at all because that would mean to take another subber’s part away - or that the English editor works super fast so they’d release 10+ episodes for OL within the subathon week. For some dramas / languages that subathon idea in this regard might work (joining a team and immediately working on it) but for many dramas / languages it won’t work. (I’m moderating 2 of the new on air titles they mention in the list and one drama has some technical issues so it is delayed because the main team couldn’t work on it for couple of days and the other drama is just at the beginning / in progress of the editing of the main team) so VIKI should have put some older, not on air dramas in the list that don’t have subs yet but are fully edited by the main team so new OL subbers could start subbing right away during the subathon.

That only/mainly counts for English subs, right? I mainly saw English subs on Youtube, rarely other European languages (for example). The only other place I saw European languages for Asian dramas is Netflix but 1. Netflix is not free and 2. Netflix rarely has the same dramas VIKI has so they aren’t direct rivals in almost all cases.


Yes, definitely. I’ve never seen any other subs for Chinese dramas outside of Viki. Maybe there are some, but I’m not aware of them.