Subathon 2020 - C/T dramas only


We even have downtime during the subathon! Not a very good timing, if you ask me …

So that’s 9 am in mainland Europe, 8 am in The UK, 10 am in Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Moscow area (Russia), Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, and 7 am in Reykjavik.

Let’s hope it’s really short and won’t lead to any complications.




Were the “specific languages” back then the same as now?


Japp. Still the same


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback in regards to the Fall Subathon!

The focus on Chinese and Taiwanese shows for the subathon is because we’ve been getting a lot more shows from China and Taiwan recently. Thus, we wanted to encourage more contributions to these shows, and get some people to try out something new if they’ve never worked on a Chinese or Taiwanese show before.

The emphasis on specific languages and heritage months was meant to celebrate, not exclude. We still plan to have subathons that are open to all languages as we’ve always done, and in the future we’d love to have subathons celebrating more languages! If you have ideas for how we can celebrate specific languages, we’d be happy to hear them. We welcome you to share your ideas for how we can celebrate more languages, or any new subathon ideas you may have here.

UPDATE: Segment timer and subtitle editor maintenance that is scheduled for Oct. 19 00:00 PDT is expected to take 15-30 minutes.

Thank you!

Viki Community Team


There weren’t any specific languages but it is happening now :roll_eyes: To encourage contributors to work on these dramas.


It makes no sense though since these specific languages are almost always the ones that are finished first after the English subs/edit is done…

(I didn’t see a single drama that did not have any Spanish / Portuguese subs and they are always super quick, even without subathon.)


Romanian is as “hispanic” as French is, though. Why wasn’t it included in the list of languages for the special 100 top?..


The celebrations that were talked about in this subathon are over, aren’t they??
Then, there is a festival that just started on 18th in India just on the day subathon started and will last 10 days. It is called Navratri (Google it if want to)
Logically speaking, if celebrations is the main motive, then why weren’t all Indian languages included to celebrate the occasion?

I wonder if you have an answer for this


Lots of countries have celebrations in October:

But celebrations or not, in any case it’s not fair to leave people/countries out just because they’re not “special” or well-known enough.


Well, well I wished it was an international celebration day, but it’s only in Europe since 2001, so that means on the 26th September in 2021 this day will celebrate its 20th anniversary, if this isn’t a reason, then I don’t know. Maybe we could even start a petition for an international day, so everyone could join in.
LOL Did I forget to note what it’s all about it’s the day of languages.


Let’s celebrate the ESC with a badge :rofl:

(I mean it is quite popular in America too, it got special entries from Australia too and it includes most parts of Europe = many different European languages (although during past years most ESC songs are in English no matter from which country the entry is)


First I thought you were talking about the Escape button on our computers. Then I looked it up and the first thing I see is European Society of Cardiology … Guess that’s not it? :thinking:


We are so like minded :joy:


ESCape button might work too during these annoying times :rofl:


Ah! Now I get it! Then there can be extra special badges for Dutch subbers, cause we won last year, hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or badges for everyone with an Escape button … :joy:


We were wondering why not include badges for all languages. But I just realized my own language has about 5-10 regular volunteers, so we would all get bagdes. Also, we all know how hard it is sometimes to get the badge you already deserved on Viki.

It would be cool to have a Croatian badge, but it would not be earned with the same hard work as, for example, a Romanian badge.

Maybe they should have said the top 1% or 5% of a certain language will get badges. Then the game would be ON for us five Croatian translators :joy::joy::joy:


I filled in the registry form for the subathon 2020 last week, but when you do, is it possible to see a confirmation somewhere? I thought perhaps I would receive a confirmation message or perhaps a counter to see how far you are, but I haven’t seen those. Should I just assume that I did and keep track myself or am I missing something?



If you look at it that way, I might also be in the Dutch top 100. :rofl:

But I was thinking more like the top 100 of volunteers, regardless of language. Like here:

The list there is not divided into languages either, so why should we do that now?


Then it will go only to segmenters and English subbers… so just quit all OL and only offer English subs.

If your language only has 5-10 volunteers who are working on all available dramas / most interesting dramas isn’t it harder for you to complete dramas compared to languages that have teams with 10 members or even 30+ members?

Especially the long Chinese dramas need so much time that with only 1-3 subbers working on one drama it’ll take forever to be completed and even with 5-6 subbers it takes much time because people have a real life too and are not able to translate 24/7 on VIKI …

So imo there should be a special badge like most stamina or highest patience volunteers for those who are working on a drama alone or almost alone and still continue to do that even without knowing how many will watch this drama with their subs at all…


I mention this because I know many German speakers who only watch dramas with English subs and only those who aren’t able to understand English at all watch it with German subs - so we never know how many viewers would watch a drama with OL subs at all instead of - quick available - English subs…