Subbers who are not part of the team - what to do with them?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a question. I had a subber coming by on my channel who’s not part of the team. How can I delete the subs of this user? Do I need to write to the Help Center?

Thank you!


Maybe they arrived from the Project Finder. The project finder doesn’t give any information about having to join a team. You could send them a message, so that they won’t put in so much effort in vain.
Unless you are short-handed and need the extra help :slight_smile:


Agree with Christina. Most of the time, newbies on Viki arrive at channels via the Project Finder. Since it takes them directly to either the subtitle editor or the segment editor, they have no clue that there’s a team working on the drama. I have found myself having to delete subs, which is unfortunate but necessary under certain circumstances.

You can delete a whole episode of subs but individuals subs, you may need to just edit. Unfortunately, that just adds work for the CM or editing team. :frowning:

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I was wondering, though…

Is it really necessary to delete, if the subs are of quality?

I mean, when I’m waiting to watch a new episode, I don’t really care about who subbed it. If it can reach 97% within 24h, why take it back to 37% and have to wait and wait for days for the team to find time?

I suppose the volunteer who was responsible for that part could take a breath and move to the next one. As long as the subs were good. It’s not like they are not overworked as it is…

I know I don’t like other people messing up my projects and my subbed parts, but I think the “suuuubs, SUUUUUUBS” crowds may appreciate the speed.


I agree with you, this is not really necessary and should’t be made into an issue.

Also, as much as it might mess up your running of the project, Viki was created on an open system, where everybody has the right to contribute. Sometimes the contribution is good, sometimes less so. Dissuading anybody from subbing (by ie. deleting their subs without warning) is strictly against Viki rules, while asking the CM for subbing is more of a guideline.

Contact the person and explain nicely about teamwork on Viki first. You never know, he/she could be an awesome subtitler, just a bit clueless ATM.


Ok, thank you guys!

Absolutely agree. There are very few instances when deleting is necessary. In most cases, editing is just fine. I have deleted subs only when the Moderator for that language has asked me to and only when it is part of an episode (say 5% or 10%). Otherwise, it is best to find a way to edit whatever was subtitled.

Subbers just want to help but need guidance. I have found great subbers in the project finder chat. They are active now and happy doing subs in many channels, they just needed a bit of guidance and support.


I would suggest PMing them first. We wouldn’t want to crush a young volunteer’s delicate soul, if all they need is a little guidance!

I’ve seen some CMs/ Team Leaders are overly protective of their teams, but some times it comes across as dismissal, especially to us “Other Language” translators.

HOWEVER, if he/ she’ s one of those horrible, horrible people who produce bulk subs by using horrendous Google Translate results, kill it with fire and scatter the ashes! (Joking, just delete the subs. And burn them).


I sent her a PM, thank you for your replies!