Subbing vs. Segmenting - which do you prefer?

Do you subtitle and segment? If so, which is your favorite?

I used to say that I liked subtitling better, but as they say, segmenting is very addictive, so that is my choice now. Segmenting also helps me a lot with my Chinese study as it forces me to focus only on what they are saying, without having subtitles that I can peak at. And it’s just fun.

How about you?

Segmenting. I started here as a subber but I always felt a bit invisible and when I started there where not that many Dutch subbers and from those subbers it was hard to find a subber who could offer the same quality. Not saying I’m the best or grammar police but some always made the same grammar mistakes, translated to literal so you end up with subs which are very odd. Maybe that has changed by now but I still prefer segging as it’s quick unlike subbing for me.


I feel your pain. The subber thing used to annoy me as well, but there are some that do really good work.
And yes, segging is so much quicker. I think I spend an average of 4 hours per episode when subbing?
(Have a lot of technical terms I have to look up from time to time as well).

Segging would be half of that or less ^.^

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I HATE segmenting bc I like to cut the segments perfectly in the conversation and it never happens to me. With subtitles I have more control, so I love subbing. My native language is Spanish so when I sub I make sure the words match with the actor as he starts the sentence and ends the sentence. That is why I criticize so much the use of translator for subtitles since they add too many words in the sentence that are not needed.

I feel segmenting is so much more work than subtitling, and I really admire you guys, the segmenters.

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Yeah, you do have more control with subbing.
Thanks for the love :smile: :sunny:
The only times I dislike segmenting is when the background music is so, so freaking loud! (Oh my general, I’m looking at you).


I like both subtitle and segment.

I like to segment, it’s really addictive, easy and relaxing. When I’m interested in the plot, I pay a bit more attention, but I don’t have to work my brain cells or anything.

Subtitling also has its pros like learn a new things. I’m a spanish subber too, thanks to translating, I’m so much better in english. But I also end up learning a few words in other languages like korean or chinese. :smile:


Both. Sigh.

Although I find I am much…faster…segmenting my preferred dramas of choice, historical dramas by far than subtitling them. (Chinese to English)

And when I am working with a great Team on both of the above tasks…editing is a pleasure as well. :slight_smile:

Seeing it all…come together gloriously.

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