Subtitle count lagging after subtitling in Trailers

Noticed this today, as I filled in the trailers for my most recent project. After filling three trailers in, only 3 subtitles showed on my page, even though it had saved and all was well. I didn’t think much of it, until I went back to fix some typos in an actual episode of the same show, whereupon the contributions on my profile started showing (some) subtitles from the trailers I’d filled hours ago instead of my most recent subs. It seems to be chucking them out very slowly and out of order, the more “normal” (as in, episode vs trailer) subtitles I save.

Really curious if any of you are also experiencing this, since the new and improved subtitle count has been working great for me so far.


Same for me. I’m currently working on a movie, but I worked on its trailer a couple of hours ago, so maybe that’s where it got stuck … Oddly enough, the subbing percentage on my profile is up to date, though.


It’s a known issue to the community. Not quite sure if it’s a known issue for Viki’s engineers, though.

Also, issue affects more than just trailers.


I did also notice the completion percentage taking up to 24 hours to update, and guessed it must be a wider issue…

However that isn’t quite what I meant? What bewildered me here was the contributions on my profile only, since they didn’t show up for hours, until I made subs in episode 4, and then started seeing the subtitles from trailer 1, 2 and 3 appearing in random order over the span of a couple of hours. It may have caught up by now, but I really couldn’t say unless I go count, since they were truly random.


The total subs were okay for me too, then went down and started rising back to normal when the trailer subs started catching up. Super strange :fearful: I’m not sure it completely caught up yet but maybe? I’ll keep my eye on it when I continue working tomorrow…