Subtitle language in contributions page

It’s very distressing that the subtitling language is not shown anymore on the contributions page.
Let’s say that if a subber works with only one language per show, it’s somehow possible to find out which one it is, by asking the moderator or even asking the subber herself.

But when someone contributes in two languages (for instance what I do, Italian moderator & English editor), or subtitles and captions on the same show, there is no distinction. You’re just getting two different thumbnails for the show, and they are both showing the total number of subs!

See here: This person did Korean-English translation as well as Korean captioning. On the team she is added both as a Korean subber and an English subber.
Her total is 3025 subs, but if I want to see how many English subs she made and how many Korean captions she made, it’s impossible.
As you can see in the picture below, for English the language is mentioned, “English Subtitler”, but for Korean it just says “Subtitler” without mentioning the language.


It’s also not possible to filter by language contributions in the Activities tab.

Sometimes they do list what language you moderate or sub. Without any logical pattern, though.
languages-sometimes-yes languages-sometimes

(I put it here instead of the Help Center because it’s not my personal problem, and I wanted others to chime in)


For recruiters, if we want to check, it’s impossible to do our task because we don’t have this info.

  • An ex:

A subtitler asks you to subtitle in “A language.”
You see the profile with “Subtitler.”
In fact, all his projects are in B language, except his last contributions where he took care of subtitling in A language.

Adding to that, it is an abuser who was subtitling in a language, language A, he wasn’t allowed to for his recent contributions.

  • Another ex:

A mod or subber subtitling correctly.
Project done.
Comes back to subtitle in another language he has 0 knowledge.
As a recruiter, you see “subtitler.” That is all, you can’t know and you think it is a common activity.
You recruit him and the abuser has more chance to do this anywhere.

To refrain abusing activity, this info is important for recruiters, channel managers and moderators.

As for me, if the tools I had are not there anymore, it doesn’t mean I would invest more time to check as a recruiter, I would let more chance for abusing activity happening.


There are also people who genuinely sub in more than 1 language. Just calling someone an abuser if he/she wants to sub in another language doesn’t seem fair.

Of course.

Similarly, it’s also not fair to use this fact for an abuser.

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Yes, in recruiting it makes things EVEN more difficult than they already are.
In my case, I noticed it because a project was just ending. Before writing the credits, I check the subbers one by one to find the ones who didn’t contribute at all (or less than 50 subs) to remove from the team, the cover page and the credits.
(Someone suggested it’s better to not remove them from the team, so that everyone can see on their profile that they did zero subs for many of their projects. I am considering this seriously, they have a point! It might be a better idea, actually, to remove them from cover page and credits but not from the team)
Anyway, that’s not the topic now.
The ones who did contribute, I put them in the credits in descending order of contributions.
However … It is impossible to do so for the ones doing both English subtitles and Korean captioning, because we only see the total subs for both languages. Someone who has, say, 3000 subs, could have 2999 Korean captions and only 1 English sub, for what I know. It’s a hypothetical example, I know it was not so in the specific case, because I’d seen a lot of English subs by that person - but in theory it could happen.

And of course this random putting the language in some instances and in some others not. What’s the deal?

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Yes, I don’t understand how it is possible to recruit or to check lol

Is it a glitch if in some instances you see it and other times no? I find it weird lol

I don’t understand.
For captioning, they don’t show Korean subber on the profile originally? In the recruiting page, we pick English or Korean. I don’t remember for Korean, but for Chinese captioning, I thought I saw “Chinese subber” on the profile? What do you mean?

(In my case, I would remove if 0 contribution, but I won’t remove if > 0. In all cases, I think people should be informed before the removal.

Another thing: the only projects I have 0 contribution are because of the 3rd bday of nssa. Do you remember when to check segments for the bday badge, they had to add us as subber on the channel? If I had >0 contribution on them, I would be an abuser there lol
I made a list of dramas where I asked to be removed beforehand in my message asking to be added to check for bday and I asked afterhand when the bday was done. In some instances, mods didn’t remove me after >1 messages afterhand.)

Remember Strong Woman So’and-So (never remember names, LOL). You had me added as Timed Comments moderator. After it ended, my job done, I asked to be removed from the team (of course I had zero subs) and it took them about two years to do so, after writing several messages.

Didn’t you see my second screenshot? On the My Unfamiliar Family project.
On the first it says “subber” (in fact I know she was Korean captioner) and on the second “English subber”, but on both the total is shown 3025. When of course I know that especially for the English that number is not correct, but even if it were, it would have been too much of a coincidence for them to be EXACTLY the same number.
And I’ve confirmed it myself with some of the projects where I had a double role, for instance English editor and Italian moderator: it showed the TOTAL number of subs. See here:
Again for I’ll Go To You Where the Weather Is Nice. I’m listed in both roles, but before that (on another page) I am also listed as Channel Manager of that show, again with the same number of subs and segments.

But… not always! In the following show I was both English Moderator (Editor, really) and Italian Moderator. But Italian moderator is not shown on that page. Maybe it is if you go on next, next, next pages? What is the logic of the order in which those are listed? It’s surely not by last worked on. It says “last updated on” and that’s why they are so random?

The next one is even more strange. I was only English moderator (Chief Editor) there. So why am I listed twice, one as English Moderator and one as just mysterious “Moderator”?

I’m telling you, it’s so random. It’s a good thing that I make my own list on my profile page, otherwise I’d also be confused and it would be hard for me to know what I did where.

  • total of subs

Ah yeah, I see what you mean.
From what I could remember over the past years, it was always the total of subs done if one had many roles for the same channel.

So it’s like usual for Ko captions and Eng subs to be summed together. However, I think like you pointed out, it would be better to get exactly the correct number for each language.

  • 2 tags 1 show

Having checked on my profile, I can see when I’m listed for the same show as a Fr and Eng subber. Both tags appear correctly. I’m not able to reproduce the same you got with that subber.

Stupid question: We don’t have a tag like “All languages subber,” right? You confirm?

Normally, before, we could have seen the title “Korean subber” and “English subber,” if we don’t see anymore “Ko subber,” maybe it’s either a new update, either a glitch!

  • tag “Mod”

I think it’s when you’re listed as All mods, it shows up on your profile as “Mod”?
You’re not added as “Eng mod” + “All mod” ?

  • sorting

I don’t know how the list is sorted on the profile page. It has to do with your last contributions or someone else’s in the team.
The only classification there is sort by role.
There’s no other sort by show title.

No. That happens on the other tab, with the last contributions. The page we’re talking about, the one listing all your projects is not in any temporal order. There is something as “last updated” by Viki, though. Sometimes a very ancient show comes up to the top of the list.

All language subber does not exist. We have All language moderator. I have never been added as all language moderator, except once or twice (not the cases in the screenshots). The Chief Editor had that.


:joy::joy::joy: Quiproquo!
I mean the order we see in projects page is I think the order when you or somone else in your team (language? In the team?) have contributed on it. When I touched an old project, it moved up on the first page of my projects, I noticed for that show, but I don’t often look at my projects pages.
I am lazy to try right now but that is doable!

That is really weird! On my profile, I am only shown French mod and no tag like “mod.”
Same for “English mod.”
The only tag with “Mod” alone is when added for “All langages mod” to fix timing on dramas.

I’ve worked in two languages (Dutch and Swedish), but all my profile ever mentions is afbeelding or afbeelding


You’re a citizen of the world :clap:


It is true that most of yours are correct, but on Mr. Fighting you’re just “Moderator”.

On “Fights Break Sphere” and in “Where Stars Land” you’re… nothing.

On page 5 too, in “Whitneybae” you are only “Moderator”.

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Mr Fighting: all mods
Whitneybae: all mods
Fight breaks sphere: normal, previously subber, but asked to be removed.
Where stars land: normal, asked to be removed. (I think you know the story.)

Mostly, it is because I have been added then removed. You must have found the dramas where something happened LOL

I can try to update you on my next contributions, I’ll have to renew the vikipass soon, I forgot when LOL


Then in your case, everything is as it should be, all explainable and normal. Lucky you!