Subtitler work needed

i can translate english to hindi and vice versa, i can also translate basic korean to english/hindi too


I advise you to write to the Hindi moderators here at Viki. Go to your inbox and start a new message.
The ones I know are:
sandeepsandhu (Sandeep Sandhu)
mustufag222_222 (Namira)

I saw you made a sample video, which will help a lot.

But there are surely more.

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Do you know anyone for Korean Thai and simplified Chinese

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Simplified Chinese moderators I know:


I can translate Chinese simplified to English subtitles

I’m fluent in Japanese and would love to start translating from Japanese to English.
I have been learning it since the age of 13. Plz do consider my request :slight_smile:

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Thai moderators:


I work with both, but for now I see them inactive. Are you fluent in Thai?

Hey, i can translate from English to Urdu. if there is anyone let me know…

Look all recently completed and on-going dramas, the Team tab, choose “Moderators” and look for Urdu moderators. When you find one, click on the link and send this person a private message, asking whether s/he has any projects that need help.

I do know the name of an Urdu moderator. You can start from him.
irbaz51_161 (His name is Muhammad Irbaz Karamat) He was on Tale of the Nine-Tailed, True Beauty and now he’s on My Mr. Mermaid

inaara_amsv is mostly a subtitler, she may know names of moderators, and she was at least once Urdu editor in a drama.

fatima_mujahid She’s a veteran volunteer, has been here since 2013, but she writes in Latin script. However they even made her a moderator in a number of projects - maybe they didn’t know that? Or didn’t care? LOL. She is also editor in a drama called “Addicted”, but weirdly enough, there was no moderator name for that drama. (I thought that isn’t allowed by Viki anymore, subbers without a moderator, but who knows?)


Hello my name is Emeline and I can translate English to French ! :slight_smile:

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Are there any Russian moderators in the community, anybody? I don’t mind treading the path, but I have to start somewhere and I need a project. Does anyone know what I can do to prove my capability as an Eng to Rus translator if there are no proofreaders?

I think there is no active russian moderator/subtitler at the moment. The one I could find with the most recent contributions made is outofnowhere_394, 27 days ago. You could still give it a try and contact them, who knows… If not, try texting Channel Managers and maybe you could find a solution with them, even tho solo subtitlers are not allowed anymore.


Thank you! I’ll try contacting them. :orange_heart:

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I have been looking for one as well, for one of my projects, and was unable to. Until a couple of years ago, Ukrainian moderators also did Russian, but very understandably, after the Russian invasion of their country, they stopped doing so.

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Hi, my name is Viola and I can translate from English to German.

Ohh me too ! So please tell me if someone search a french Subtitler ( franchement passer ^par trouver un projet ça aide pas énormément…)