I’m interested in helping as a subtitler if someone need it , ii can help you. I can translate english into spanish or spanish into english


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hola soy nueva puedo traducir de ingles a español


Hey. I do not know how to open a new subject but this thread seems in the field of my question.

I do not know how it works for you.
Do you have to make either a google doc with the list of what has been subtitled and needs to be subtitled or not?

I am asking because I offered to translate, contacted the moderator and she told me that I had to find out by myself which episode and which part to translate !
Really, I am sorry to say, but this is weird

As subtitlers we take our free time and VOLUNTEER. I found her answer very upsetting



I don’t know who’s the moderator, but that’s weird indeed.
The most part of moderators (in any case, for French teams, since I see you’re French subtitler from what I can see on your profile) use google sheets or Team Discussion and you just have to go on it you will see right away which parts are in need of subtitles. So I don’t really understand why a moderator would tell you to find by yourself the episode and part to translate.


I don’t know about what the moderator has told you, but what I’m used to as a mod:

  1. let team members leave a message in the team discussion as to which parts they have completed or,

  2. (preferred method) Make a progress sheet of all the episodes. The subbers can select which parts they want to do / tell others what they have finished and I can tell them what episodes they can work on.

Did she mean that you had to look in the team discussion? If not, don’t know what to say…


Said most of the things I said too :grinning:


Saw that :smiley: But yes, I found it really weird when I read the message from @laetitvmondiale maybe is it a new moderator without experience? Don’t know, but all “old” French moderators use Team Discussion or google sheets.


Yeah… I don’t know either what’s up with this. Maybe the moderator can clarrify what they meant :thinking:


It’s probably a misunderstanding on the part of the subber.


[Do you have to make either a google doc] No, you don’t have to do a google doc.

Sadly, you will find here a few Moderators and CM that are rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful (I had a few experiences like that). I wished this site made sure this moderators/CM get some kind of reprimand when they behave in a way that’s not fair to subbers.

Thankfully, we have some that are wonderful, caring and respectful so hopefully you decide whether you want to stay in that team or move on to another team.

A sweet caring Spanish team moderator, miss_rochester(PAOLA) sends the new subbers instruction to a ‘‘T’’ Very thoughtful and respectful towards her subbers. Hope this helps. Ask anything if you don’t understand the image. when they send you to the GO you go to TEAM DISCUSSION and you ask what part you want to subtitle, click reply and ask the moderator. Is part 3 available? When she replies YES you can start doing the subtitles by going to SUBTITLE EDITOR. See link below.

As you can see in the screenshot when the moderator sends you a ‘‘GO’’ with a link (sometimes you just click on the image of the drama) It will bring you straight to this part


If you don’t understand this instruction, please let me know. WELCOME to Rviki, thank you for your volunteer services and don’t get discouraged with the few rotten apples that are here. We have many more that are very sweet and make up for them.


Hello, Thanks a lot for your feedback.
No, not a comment in the team discussion. The moderator told me to manage by myself and find out which episode and which part to sub.
I have never got such a moderator previously, and most moderators do with a Google doc or by messages on Viki. Hence my question, if there was this “weird” method from moderators


Hello, I will reply in English though I think you are a French team, so others can benefit from the replies.
She (I suppose she) wrote that she did not know about google doc or sending messages
She added that I had to manage by myself since she never got the info herself on which episode to start the subtitles…

I personally think it is inefficient. It is not like I have nothing to do during my days…

PS sorry for late reply, had trouble with internet


You’re right, it is weird. No, there’s no such method that I’ve ever heard of. A moderator, the name says it, has to organize, moderate, synchronize and guide her team. If she’s not doing this, she is not qualified to be a moderator. And of course it’s her job to have all the relevant info about the episodes and communicate it to her team. If she’s unsure of something, she can always contact the CM. If the CM doesn’t respond, reach out to Viki and report the inactive CM. I mean, “do something”, not just sit and look at the ceiling.


Hello, Thanks a lot for your feedback. It helps to see what a moderator does… and if I got it, she should have given me the episode and part to be translated.


Thanks @angelight313_168 for your thorough explanations and the screenshots.
Sadly it was not that, she expected me to find out by myself which part and which episode had to be done.
Luckily the moderator of the team I am with now is great, she prepared a google doc and she notify us by a Viki Message :slight_smile:


The second moderator did exactly how it has to be done, so the other moderator was not doing what she was suppose to do. Hope you reported her.