Subtitlers needed to finish open subs of other languages

I’m the channel manager for Kiss Goblin. Since its release I’ve always said it’s a good kdrama to expand your experience, especially in subtitling. There are 12 short episodes (± 11mins) and 2 short teasers.

Unfortunately due to inactivity or personal reasons some ‘other language’ subtitlers (when solo subbing was tolerated?) haven’t finished their subtitles in 1 - 2 years. They have been notified during this period but remain inactive on the platform overall. I still receive about a message a week about missing subtitles from viewers related to the languages I will mention below.

I’m hoping to find subtitlers in the following languages that are willing to help them / continue their work. You’ll have to meet the Viki requirements of course… subtitler, moderator. This show has subtitles in 43 languages :heart: of which 4 need help.

Hebrew: episode 5 - 12
Russian: episode 4 - 12
Montenegrin: episode 7 - 12
Kannada: episode 2 - 12
and you are welcome to apply for a moderator position in a language that has not been filled yet. Please check the shows page before applying.

Any other related feedback irt my search or post is welcome.
Lets bring Kiss Goblin to everyone :smiling_face:


I can help you with Russian.

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Thank you! I’ll contact you in a DM, @zibi_666 :slight_smile:

i can translate from english to hindi