Subtitling or Segmenting in Spanish

Hello, I just wanted to know if you need any help with any project, I’m available to subtitling or segmenting from English to Spanish or otherwise :slight_smile:

I need help segmenting Dance Academy, it’s an English language drama. I need it segmented, subtitled in English, then Spanish and other languages. This series has 3 seasons and is currently in it’s last of the 3 seasons to be ended this month. I have 50 episodes already up and will add the final 13 next week . Please Pm and favorite this project if interested.

Hello, I can subtitle english to spanish<3

Hi can i help with the English to Spanish Subs?

Hello :smiley:
Yes, go ahead, episode 1 is ready, it’s a short 8 - 10 min clip. Favorite the channel and I can notify you when the other episodes are ready for Spanish.

i have already seen all of dance academy and can translate it into spanish if you still need help

contact the Mod for Spanish, Niennavalar by PM, and she’ll get you started.