Subtitling problems - keeps refreshing

Is anyone facing problems when subtitling? It keeps telling me to refresh or the connection drops. Tx.

Yes, it’s the same bug we had had a few days ago.
Personnally, I already reported it to Viki staff and they said they fixed it but seems like it’s not really fixed yet.
I hope this issue will really be fixed soon.

I think is terrible that not even the CM’s are informed of what’s going on so they can let us know to stop doing useless things. When I refresh my page the subs disappear again. Like if that’s fair! I finally found some time to do some work and can’t continue!

How inconsiderate on their part. Consideration and respect go hand in hand, and it won’t kill them to give us a heads up of this issue, so we don’t waste our time and energy.

you can sub like allways, just dont refresh. all the subs will be saved


The big bad bug has returned.

Last night, I had an episode deny its own existence…as a fully-subbed, fully-segmented entity. Today…it’s not giving me that (YET) - but every move, an error. Refresh, reboot, you name it. Red errors, despite saving.

Personally…I am not triskaidekaphobic.…but it is indeed Friday…April 13th?

Sigh. Please visit the community page in the help center to let Kristie know it’s not just my little nest of errors over at UL this morning.

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Indeed, @shaldane168, these technical issues are fastest resolved if posted here:

And a thread already exists there concerning this particular issue:

Except this thread until today and my posting back to it…along with last night’s hijinks…was the first hint of trouble since the main outbreak.

it’s back. :frowning:

I just keep typing and it does save it even though it keeps giving error. Once in a while, it does go back up to first one and then I have to find where I was. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

I know, is so annoying for 2 days now is doing that. At least I didn’t lose the subs after I refreshed the page today. Before when I refreshed the page the subs got deleted. Now, I was subbing and they stayed even after I refreshed the page.

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Thanks, everyone for directing me to the right page to post. Good time for us to take a break and smell the roses for a while then. : )

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As always, your efforts are greatly appreciated. We are all very frustrated, and you make a good point. :slight_smile: I too am done for the night. :slight_smile:

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Dark here in Denver, and a bit stormy out there tonight. :slight_smile: Any roses would need to be virtual here, trust me. :slight_smile: The snows have yet to finish falling for the year. :slight_smile: Daffodils carry no scent it seems…sigh. Too early here for lilacs, and dogwoods.

Please enjoy the rest of your day/night… :slight_smile: we must all sharpen our swords for the next day’s onslaught of vikibugs over the wall!

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