Suggest some new romantic kdramas please!


i can’t find anything to watch right now please suggest some shows


i heard Our beloved summer is good (i haven’t started it thou)


Here is my KISS Collection:

There are many threads open about not knowing what to watch and I’m sure more people will direct you there also… ….Give me more information on what you like and don’t like???

There is:
Red Sleeve
King’s Affection
Hometown ChaCha
Red Sky (but I didn’t care for it at all)

Do you watch Japanese drama?
Incurable Case of Love is so Good!!!

Welp - I found this for 2022 -


okayy i will surely check it out


omg thank you so much


Your welcome - I have like 19 collections! If you need anything else - just ask!!! LOL


i have watched most except red sleeve is that good ??


I’ve seen the first three episodes of Red Sleeve yesterday and so far it’s really good.



I love Red Sleeve!!!

It has a lot of palace politics though -


will watch it then !!!


wow just send them all


You can just access her all collections from her profile page,

Here is the link for all of her collections.


Thanks @padmalayag


Let me know if any of the collections are helpful!