Suggestion asian drama

Dear Asian drama lover,
I have been watching Asian dramas for around 15 years now (+anime and manga)
basically everything

so I’m writing to ask about hidden jem (you know a series that you watched and loved and no one knows about it.
Hope you can give me some suggestion.

P.s I’m not looking for something gloomy as the world is already bad enough now.

Thank you all


Did you see these ones yet?


hi mirjam
thanks for the suggestions
i have seen them except [Devilish Joy]


Hi @msdreamy
I love hidden gems, too! Viki always has an extensive library, but finding hidden gems get tougher. I’m always hoping Viki will pick up more of the older dramas. Here are a few of my recommendations, although they may not be too hidden :smiley_cat:

Yoo Na’s Street

Feast of the Gods

The Best Hit

Radiant (this one is rather melancholic, but incredibly well done)

I hope you find some good gems! One of my favorite pastimes on Viki (on the app) is scrolling through the Explore section of the actor/actress pages - looking for faves and searching through their individual list of drama works, sometimes finding older dramas I didn’t realize were on Viki. You might find gems this way! :smiley_cat:


I don’t know if you have access to it, but…


Maybe a place we would like to live at now:

A little gloominess is in it, but it leaves you with a warm and fuzzy heart.

It’s not that those dramas don’t touch sensitive topics but as far as I remember, they do not leave you “empty”.

Family dramas always the best to hang in there.

I waited a long time for this to be re-licenced, and I am happy it did get one again for my region. A wonderful story!


I agree, Yong-jiu Grocery Store is wonderful, one of my favorites from last year! The Great Show is on my to-watch list, I will queue it up soon with your recommendation, thanks! :smiley_cat:


dear @adrianmorales thank you for your recommendation, but I’m looking for something to binge-watch so an on air show will not do it for me :sweat_smile: + it is not licensed in my area
but I will keep it in mind for after it gone airing.
please keep me updated on how it will turn out.:grinning:

dear @lutra thank you very much for you suggestions, it seems that we have similar taste as i have indeed watched everything in your list except [Yong-jiu Grocery Store]. So i plan to start with that right away.

dear @sheishun
Viki was and will always be my favorite website for Asian drama even though Netflix is heading in a good direction with their new produced dramas, but they don’t go for long ones with 50+ episodes which I love so much.
Thank you for sharing these titles with me from which I added 3 to my 2 be watched list and one I have already seen. Unfortunately they have not been translated to my language so i would either start watching them in English or start translating them.

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Yong-jiu Grocery Store is on my watchlist too.

@msdreamy, I suppose you already saw I Have A Lover?

I just started watching Fleet Of Time, it has 80 short episodes:

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you guessed correctly I have indeed watched I have a lover before and now thanks to you, I added one more show to my 2 be watched list.

thank you

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My all-time favorite Asian drama isn’t even here on Viki. I discovered a hidden gem on Youtube called The Dark Lord, and it is by far the best show I’ve seen in a long time. It is technically unfinished (anyone who watched the show will know what I’m talking about), but the story arc for Xiaotian is incredible. It’s so quirky and lovable, and yet there are a couple moments where stuff gets deep FAST. I know you don’t want “gloomy”, but there may be a couple moments in this show that qualify as such. But I do absolutely recommend this show, and I am excited to say that it has a sequel coming out!


thank you. I will try to find it. loving the poster.

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@msdreamy I’m back! I’ve been thinking about hidden gems, especially older k-dramas. It seems that Viki is picking up some old classics lately, so great! I remembered a few more older dramas to suggest, from 5-10 years back. How about:

Still, Marry Me (2010)

Childless Comfort (2012-13)

Can We Love? (2014)

Heard it through the Grapevine (2015)

I thoroughly enjoyed all of these dramas. I hope there might be a hidden gem for you! Best of luck.


@sheishun thank you for taking the time to write again about your favorite hidden gems. I looked all these shows and apparently I haven’t seen them before, so I’m quite excited. The first one though is not available in my area but I’ll try finding it on other websites.
Viki is an amazing platform. I always loved a long drama because you get to the new the extra characters not like the 16 episodes drama. I think that the more you watch long dramas 50-100 ep the more you love them. few years ago i was asked to help out with a drama that i probably wouldn’t have found about it, if it wasn’t due of viki.
Try looking it up maybe you will love it. Hint the evil sister is an amazing actress that you must know.

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@barbaro Could you tell me why you love this drama?

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I love The Dark Lord because of Xiaotian’s character. He is an overall light-hearted, intelligent person. He can be goofy, but there are 2 main moments in the show in which Xiaotian is willing to stand up against injustice, even if it costs him everything. Towards the start of the show, he gives a speech to a room full of frightened constables and it is inspiring to watch how deeply his words impact each person there. He cares so much for others and for justice. He acts under the law for a majority of the show, something he takes pride in, until he realizes that he cannot always act under the law because of corrupt government leaders who oppose justice for the sake of reputation. This journey for him is just incredible to experience. I do think this show is underrated. I say watch the pilot and decide from there, only if you’re curious.

Few long dramas that have already finished airing are:
Beautiful Love Wonderful Life
Never Twice
Crocodile and Plover Bird
Nice to Meet You/ Because of Meeting You
The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop
Love Now (one of my favorites)
Begonia Rouge
My Mowgli Boy
Delicious Destiny
See You Again
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard
Across the Ocean to See You
Cinderella Chef
Secret of the Three Kingdoms
General and I
Oh My General
Evolution of Our Love
Mr. Right
My True Friend.
For me, I liked them as much as Jang Bori.

I’ve been watching oriental dramas for 18 years and I love happy endings. My hidden gem is Bad Couple. I think the title turns people off, but I’m all for romance and skinship :))


I saw the first 4 episodes. I have a problem excepting there acting sometimes but i will give it another chance. Hope i will like it. Thanks again.