[Suggestion] Clicking on the language badge gives a list of its owners

Why: Volunteers of small language communities find it difficult to connect to others from their language community. Viki does not have a search option to find users. Many users are not using Project Finder.

How: Activate language badges on the domain Viki.com in the same way they are active here on Discussions, whereby clicking on them, you are redirected on another page with a list of people who own that particular badge. List should be sortable (by date of acquiring, alphabetically etc).

Outcome: A list of volunteers in a specific language.


But then we first need to have badges for all languages. Finnish, for example, still has no badge.


Yes to this! It’s a great idea. It would be great if we could have badges for all languages like @mirjam_465 said too. I would love to see a badge for Macedonian one day.

By the way, what happened to the “search by subtitle language” option? Like to search for all dramas that have Spanish subtitles or Polish subtitles, for example. I know people were mentioning it in a thread a while back, but I read that it was removed at some point. Searching by subtitle language sounds like a great idea and very practical for both volunteers and viewers who’d like to watch in their own languages. I wonder why it was removed.


I vaguely remember seeing Finnish badges. You might need to ask Help Centre to grant you those. Similarly, Hindi badges aren’t automatically applied on profiles but one needs to ask the HC to get them.


Do you have any tips for asking about these badges from HC? I tried contacting them a while back for Finnish language badge, but was told they couldn’t help.


Hello! I’m agree to you, I want to find people of Thai community but it’s so hard. I’m waiting for the next step for this list.

Thank you.
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You need to contact the Help Center regarding the badges. If you are eligible, they must provide the badges to you. If they deny giving the badges, then that’s on them.

These are the Finnish badges: