Suggestion: Subtitle completion as "In progress" or "Complete"


Thank you for the suggestions. I sent a report through the video, I hope that helps a little.
The segments issue isn’t bothering me too much. I just need to pay a bit more attention when subbing. I just wonder if they do get fixed, will it affect my subtitles again?
I think for the time being I’ll keep working on this series, because right now I just have 1 other project and don’t really have time to start something all new. I’m not sure if I’ll keep working on it until it’s finished though.


Okay, thanks for explaining. I’ll just wait and see what or if anything happens.


Sometimes the segments are just fine and then, after years, an abuser comes in (before all channels became locked for non-team members) and wrecks havoc.
Please write to one of the segmenters, so that they can go have a look. I don’t know most of those volunteer usernames, and most of them haven’t been active for 3 years or more, but cgwm808 was on the project. She’s super-busy right now, and I’m pretty sure she would have ZERO interest in reviewing an obscure 72-episode Taiwanese show of almost 10 years ago. But with her moderator status, she can at least add someone willing to repair them - maybe a newbie segmenter who wants practice, or an editor who wants something for the Subathlon :slight_smile:


Actually, I have already given up on that show becauseI don’t think anyone would be interested in it anymore.
Maybe I will work on it a bit during the subathlon or between other projects. Or if anyone offers their help, I would do it together.
It sounds like a good idea to promote it for fixing segments during the subathlon,


I don’t think fixing, adjusting, or shortening segments are counted by the system. If this is the case, then investing time in this show during this competition would be a waste.


Yup A&C rarely gets counted from my experience in the past.


@shraddhasingh, @feyfayer

Ahh well, that’s too bad. At least I can contribute with subbing though :slight_smile:


Connie is not a moderator on that show, just checked it.


I saw her name and assumed she was, oops! What was she then? Just segmenter?


No, she is not playing any role,
But danylor is there as a moderator.
I don’t know if you know her or not


Who doesn’t know and love danylor?


Yeah that’s true!
She is the one who believed in me and added me as a moderator when I was still a qc trainee on my very first project.

Thanks @danylor