Suggestions to Viki about the Email Inbox

Just some friendly suggestions to Viki to make the email inbox more user-friendly.

  • Please add a way to select many messages at once, e.g. checking boxes on the left-hand side or even checking all emails in the inbox at one time (to delete them all!)
  • Please add a way for all emails from one channel to be categorized together, so that I can completely delete the emails from that channel at once. Is this possible?
  • Many people get notifications for subbing in the wrong language (when they have already completed their language subbing in that same channel). This might be the fault of the channel leaders etc., but it still might be helpful to add more categories or give more guidelines to the channel leaders if possible.



There are two huge threads where we’re all dissing the new inbox and making suggestions. Here are mine:

The discussion was continued, in a milder tone, here.

Moreover, there’s a whole chapter on the mailbox in my document on the improvements I would desire to see on Viki, It’s on page 10.

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Thank you!!! It’s good to know I’m not the only one. I’ll check out the posts!

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