Super Choosy With Your Dramas - Are You A Choosy Chick (or Dude) & WHY?

What is your criteria for your next drama? Why? Do you only watch legal dramas, do you like historical or tear jerker shows? Do you refuse to watch t-dramas, j-dramas, or c-dramas?///??

Why do you chose what you chose in a DRAMA??? List some of your favorites that you have chosen wisely!!!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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@leerla73 I think I found you on Twitter!


I wouldn’t say I’m very picky. As long as there’s no toilet humor, I’m good. Sadly, you don’t always know that in advance, though.

I may have some countries and genres which I favor, but basically I watch almost anything.


So give me your Top 5 Dramas that you just think were your best PICKS!:yellow_heart::sunflower:

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Before, I do love romcoms BUT now, I’m into crime dramas, legal, msytery etc etc. Not too much on makjang. Btw, Kdramas only hehe

I also find this site useful if I need some on-going dramas :smile: ttps://


I’m starting to really love action. Like Vincenzo doesn’t have much romance but I LOVE IT> I need to watch the K2 and others with action, mystery etc. I think I need romance reprieve.


Although there are some genres I like and some I don’t like, it’s more a question of whether it’s well-made or not.
Why am I picky? Because my life is precious. Would I spend 16 precious hours of my life, that nobody can give back to me, to watch some idiotic drama? Hell no. I have better things to do, and there are dozens of better dramas waiting for me, so why would I?
Yes, it sometimes happens that we think a drama would be good but we are disappointed. Then it’s time to say goodbye and cut our losses.

And sorry but I don’t identify with the appellative “chick”. I’m a woman, a lady, a person, whatever you want, but not a “chick”, if you don’t mind.


Its was just catchy and I liked the “little chickee” photo!

But yes - My Lady! I understand.

The friend I started that collection for is having a good time and has liked several that have been suggested!!!


You already know me and know I am a choosy chick Thank you for the compliment, since I’m no spring chicken lol

The main reason I’m choosy with dramas bc I advocate for women and K dramas portrayal of women in dramas are so poorly done. I think there is so much injustices I can see in a drama against women that I just can’t watch no matter how much I like the actress. They make them look like dumb/no brains while guys are the big shot CEO and I had enough of that. That is why I admire Suzy Bae she gets into roles where she’s a rich girl, cop, princess etc… She’s the best in respecting her image and being a good role model to other young actress although many take whatever comes their way.

Found this from 2017. Evidence I’m choosy chic with dramas


Feb '17

I am very picky when it comes to dramas/movies if they don’t get my attention on the first episode,. I will drop them no if’s about it and I won’t bother to do any work on them either. The 2 dramas in 2017 that so far has kept me watching are: DEFENDANT with Ji Sung. The story is different from other courtroom stories (just like I hear your voice) so is worth watching . But, I am waiting for it to have a few more episodes subbed bc sometimes in (English and Spanish subtitles) some things are a little off. I blame the fact that they are rushing to do the subtitles really fast and that doesn’t always work well. I have seen improvements made and that’s a relief bc I really love that drama.
‘‘The Candle in the Tomb’’ Chinese drama that had me jumping on my seat from the first episode and I really love the Indiana Jones feel to it. Some parts are funny and I have to ‘‘crack up’’ instead of feeling sorry about the scene lol.


My girl who speaks her mind!

I just love this song.
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I’m terribly picky with my dramas! I don’t care if they are super popular and airing at the moment, if the premise of the show doesn’t interest me or if I’m not ‘feeling’ like watching that genre, then I won’t watch. I refuse to watch crime dramas, horror dramas, and law dramas from any country. I get scared :sweat_smile:. Generally, I dislike rom-coms, and I haven’t sat down to watch a historical drama in a while because palace politics just wear me out. I also avoid high-school or middle school dramas for a variety of reasons. I’d say that I tend to lean towards melodramas, but I haven’t watched a Kdrama or Jdrama for a while now.

As for my preferences in regards to the country of origin, I don’t really mind which country the drama comes from, but it all depends on what style I want to watch at the moment. Kdramas have a different feel to them than Cdramas, and both are different from Jdramas. In general, I prefer Kdramas and Cdramas over Jdramas, but Japanese anime can be very rewarding to watch, so I prefer J-anime over J-drama. All of these are different than Thai lakorns, which are a category all on their own.


I’m adding this in my MP3. Thanks for sharing!

PS. DONE so happy to enjoy an inspiring song sending the link to all my kids and my grandson!

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I’m also incredibly picky about what to watch because I really hate finishing a drama and just staring at the screen and wondering “Can I PLEASE get a refund on the hours I spent for THIS?” I don’t like dropping dramas when it gets boring so I try to make sure it’s worth investing time in. I check review after review, make SURE there’s a happy ending and analyse it the best I can before diving in.
However, I think I’ve become a little less choosy these past months because NOTHING seems to be catching my eye or promising me a solid good time. I’ve wasted my time on cheesy Chinese dramas, but I’m not really complaining…

I think I’m just waiting for my favorite older actors to make comebacks. K-dramas seem to have lost something and I’m really sad about it :sob: It’s the feeling I had when I left the world of books behind.

Goodness… I’m being a really dark cloud, aren’t I? :sweat_smile: Sorry for that!


Doom at Your Service is the 1st drama lately that has made me like CRAZY for it! Like Crazy to watch it! so I understand. I love Mr. Queen, I love several that I have started and paused - But DOOM just has grabbed me and Makes me want more. Vincenzo did that also but that is SO DARK

PS One thing I realize is that I love the drama’s I have paused I love the actors but when the sad part comes or the overly political part comes I sometimes have to take a break - my heart can’t take it!

I just started a MyDramaList and these are my paused - I didn’t even realize how bad I am.!

|1|Descendants of the Sun|South Korea|2016|Drama| 6.0|- / +5/16|
|2|Empress Ki|South Korea|2013|Drama| 9.0|- / +28/51|
|3|It’s Okay, That’s Love|South Korea|2014|Drama| 8.0|- / +8/16|
|4|Lawless Lawyer|South Korea|2018|Drama| 8.0|- / +8/16|
|5|Lost Romance|Taiwan|2020|Drama| 8.5|- / +14/20|
|6|Love is Sweet|China|2020|Drama| 8.5|- / +20/36|
|7|Mr. Queen|South Korea|2020|Drama| 9.5|- / +10/20|
|8|My Little Happiness|China|2021|Drama| 8.5|- / +18/28|
|9|Romance is a Bonus Book|South Korea|2019|Drama| 7.0|- / +14/16|
|10|Secret Love Affair|South Korea|2014|Drama| 8.0|- / +12/16|
|11|Tempted|South Korea|2018|Drama| 8.5|- / +1/32|
|12|The Legend of the Blue Sea|South Korea|2016|Drama| 9.0|- / +11/20|
|13|The Tale of Nokdu|South Korea|2019|Drama| 8.5|- / +16/32|
|14|The Undateables|South Korea|2018|Drama| 8.0|- / +1/32|

I just have to brace my heart for some of these! And just do it!


FINISH Lost Romance!! I promise you, things just go UP from when she meets the real guy: he’s genuine kind and perfect! He even says that the guy he is in the book is the worst version of him.

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I will I love MARCUS CHANG so much! Aw his hands are so beautiful and he is such a good singer.
I am just so afraid I’m at the part at the pool where he asks her to marry him and they are gonna have to fall in love all over again! UGH Heart in jeopardy!

I’m finishing Mr Queen and that was my next one I wanted to go back to…while waiting on DOOM

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Spoiler but not spoiler: they don’t have to fall in love all over again :wink: go get it!

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Oh thank goodness

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