Surplus Princess/The Little Mermaid: new drama!

oh my gosh, I am so excited for this drama! I have been waiting to see Jo Bo Ah in another drama ever since Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and here it is!!

looks so good ^^

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i agree!! sooo excited and i love her so much. she’s gonna be adorable as a pretty mermaid! missing her since SUFBB

ughhh She is so perfect. I love her (new?) haircut too ^^

It should be a really cute, interesting drama!

she has a haircut? please post the pics if you know.

her guy in the drama also looks cute! theyre gonna be so cute together ^ ^

she attended the press conference for Thorn, a movie she was in this past March (April maybe?), 2014!! idk how her hair looks as of now, but this was pretty recent :smile:

and yes, the guy is cute! which one of them is the lead? do u know?

i dont know… i just think that the one next to her on the left might be the lead! in the picture:

okay HAHA i just looked at the pic and realized she’s between two guys haha. hmmm… i have NO idea whos lead but there both very cute ^ ^ hopefully, maybe the one with the tiny crown floating above his head? since that means he’s a prince? he’s cute xDD

OMG! the guy looks like the cute guy “woon” from the moon embraces the sun! if so… i REALLY hope he’s lead!

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aww! she’s adorable. i love her hair either way.

In the link is the relationship chart can somebody translate??

omg i cant understand it but this is adorable either way. thanks for sharing it! i really hope it is song jae rim who is the lead!
edit:YES YES! it is!!! WAAAHHHH!!! i LOVE him.this looks so good i cant wait to see it!!!.i was SOOO HOPING he’d get a lead role one day when i saw him in “Moon embraces the sun”. looks so romantic and cute!! :


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In the main channel picture, Ohn Joo Wan’s on her left and Song Jae Rim’s on her right.
It sounds like the mermaid likes Song Jae Rim’s character first, but I’m fairly certain the main lead is Ohn Joo Wan.

she’s beautiful and he’s gorgeous. he really does look like a prince ^ ^ couldnt be happier with this couple! tho i just KNOW i will feel bad for the 2nd lead :confused: but oh wells,this looks mighty cute! i cant wait, God knows how long ive been waiting for another fluffy girly drama to appear!

actually, the arrows explain it well. i didnt really look at them well before,but the heart between song jae rim’s character and her’s and the arrows go back and forth between them both, so they both like eachother. meanwhile, the other guy only has his arrow pointing at her, no arrow pointing at him so the feelings arent mutual,so im seeing him as second lead. but hmmm @scircus u might be right T.T lol i just read the plot on the page and… this is really confusing me. i guess he IS the lead?

i hope not tho lol sorry i love the other guy too much. sigh another hard 2nd lead syndrome for me i guess :confused:

… the comments say something…

plus their are more teasers here guys!

Press conference was held today
Here is the full press conference i think

ahhhh 93% subs !!! im so excited. just waiting for 100 to start this bad boy and im so psyched the day is finally here to watch this drama! i have a good feeling i will like it, just have a devastating 2nd lead attachment.

I want Song jae rim to get the girl and that kiss scene was hot!! O___o
In which countries are the subs from viki available??

ahhh man, im trying to watch it T.T but it came out with this error. been trying for 20 min now, at first it loaded, and then it shows this. i hope i can watch this show man …

anyone else with this problem?

Yes, I have that problem, too, but apparently not only for “The Mermaid” but every show I tried to watch.