Taiwanese Drama Recommendations!

Such a pity that so many Taiwanese dramas are not available in your region. Viki’s Taiwanese drama collection is already rather short to begin with… :cry:

In that case, you probably already know of all of the “classics”! You and I are probably in the same boat then. I haven’t been watching many Taiwanese dramas lately - C-dramas caught my attention. :sweat_smile: The top Taiwanese drama for me recently is, hands down, Some Day or One Day.

One last recommendation - The Perfect Match, only because there’s Chris Wu. The plot’s alright, but it was a better-than-average drama for me.

I think I tried before because of him, but I put it on my list, we will see, when I am in the right mood.

I just started

and like it so far, hope it stays entertaining.


I like both of these. They are older and you may have seen them already.


I saw the first liked it minus the wedding, but well everything else was quite nice. Put the other on my list to try it, never heard of it before.

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I’d never heard of the first one (seems nice, though). The other one was already on my to watch list. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the drama series When I See You Again? I hope someone can help me. I would like to know the title and artist of the song at the end of episode 12.

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a p/s for love designer, I was watching it, got to episode 10, and they restricted it in my area!! so couldn’t finish it,

Oh, you poor soul I know that feeling …
I think we should push that topic again, about making availability visible, so that one has at least a chance to finish it.

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Love is Science but I think it only has one more episode before it goes on hiatus until June.


Lost Romance Best EVER

Refresh Man

Need to watch:
Before We Get Married
Hello Again


This is my suggestion:

Hope you enjoy it! :kissing_heart:

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I LOVE Taiwanese dramas. As in I think I have watched almost every single one on this site kind of love. I would say the must watch dramas are:
Lost Romance- Don’t let the first 2 episodes put you off, it gets much better after that.
Hello Again
Just You- Kind of dated and cliche, but I would say it’s like the quintessential Taiwanese romcom
Attention, Love
More melo:
Before We Get Married- Jasper Liu, enough said :joy:
Behind Your Smile- The female lead’s character was rough for me, but the storyline is really good
Some Day or One Day


hahaha Jasper Liu, the reason!!


:joy: Right? He’s pretty much the only reason I am watching Use for My Talent.

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Marcus Chang - Oh my my my my my - I love his hands he has the most gorgeous hands!
Lost Romance!!!

He makes me CRAZY - Those gorgeous hands

I already add it to my list!!!


Same! It’s all about Marcus Chang and Jasper Liu for me😍


I want to watch that too, but I hate that they dubbed his voice!

Do you mean the song at 1:09?

OMG. That is it!!! Thank you so much!!! Do you know if there is a sound track for that series?

I don’t know how you figured it out. At the time I posted my request, I didn’t know there are 2 different ways the episodes have been released. On Viki there are only 20 episodes that are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long. On Netflix there are more episodes with each episode about 45 minutes long.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I found the song a few years ago after I watched the drama. I can’t remember how I found it. I believe the episodes on Viki is how the show was originally released. There are also other Taiwanese shows where the episode count is different. I actually watched it on NF and then when i was watching parts on Viki I realized there were scenes that were cut from the NF version.