Taiwanese Drama Recommendations!


No worries about that added sentence! :smile:

Your guilty pleasures are mine too, so here are a few more recommendations: In Time With You (the pace of the story is rather slow for some people, but I enjoyed it a lot) and Before We Get Married (I’ve heard this drama isn’t for everyone because of its themes, but I stayed through it for the leads’ chemistry. The plot isn’t that bad in my opinion either).

Here are two dramas that isn’t on Viki that I would also recommend. They are rather old though (and thus, may be outdated): Prince Turns to Frog and Corner With Love (don’t watch this if you’d rather not have anything to do with Show Luo and/or Alien Huang though).

Not sure if you’d enjoy a youth drama (high school / college), but I’d recommend Attention, Love! too.


Wanted to watch but only the Japanese version is available for me. I didn’t try that one yet I have it on a list.

I watched it too, an okay plus. I don’t remember having issues with the topic.

There you see that I am “awefully” long in the Asian drama zone, I watched them it’s so long ago.

Well, for this one not available - so out for now, no need to read the description.


Such a pity that so many Taiwanese dramas are not available in your region. Viki’s Taiwanese drama collection is already rather short to begin with… :cry:

In that case, you probably already know of all of the “classics”! You and I are probably in the same boat then. I haven’t been watching many Taiwanese dramas lately - C-dramas caught my attention. :sweat_smile: The top Taiwanese drama for me recently is, hands down, Some Day or One Day.

One last recommendation - The Perfect Match, only because there’s Chris Wu. The plot’s alright, but it was a better-than-average drama for me.


I think I tried before because of him, but I put it on my list, we will see, when I am in the right mood.

I just started

and like it so far, hope it stays entertaining.


I like both of these. They are older and you may have seen them already.


I saw the first liked it minus the wedding, but well everything else was quite nice. Put the other on my list to try it, never heard of it before.


I’d never heard of the first one (seems nice, though). The other one was already on my to watch list. :slight_smile: