Taiwanese Drama Recommendations!


I found the song a few years ago after I watched the drama. I can’t remember how I found it. I believe the episodes on Viki is how the show was originally released. There are also other Taiwanese shows where the episode count is different. I actually watched it on NF and then when i was watching parts on Viki I realized there were scenes that were cut from the NF version.


My favorite taiwanese dramas are

I really like Ethan Juan


i would like to rec We Best Love : No 1 For You.S1(BL). S2 is also there but i like S1 more. one of the lead dislikes the other at first because he is always no 1 and later only he realises that the other one was becoming no 1 only for his attention


I watched this drama which about cooking and perhaps more for the younger generation but it was kinda cute und Lego was funny!

then this family chronicle kinda with the cute Derek Chang

and why Viki removed the sweet romantic drama with Derek Chang and Ruby Lin “Dear Boy”??:disappointed_relieved: