Taiwanese Drama Recommendations!


Hi!! I just finished watching Devil Beside You…and oh my gosh, it was seriously so so so amazing!!! I love Mike He! I’ve also seen Love Keeps Going On with him, also loved it.

I’ve watched quite a few Taiwanese dramas: Mars was my first one—and I will never stop loving it. I definitely have a thing for bad boys, so if you guys have any good recs for Taiwanese dramas with bad boys I’m all in! I’ve also watched Autum’s Concerto, Fall in Love with Me, Fabulous Boys, and Easy Fortune Happy Life. I am not exaggerating when I say I LOVED all of these dramas. My faves out of the lot are definitely Devil Beside You and Mars.

Suggestions for new Taiwanese dramas, old and recent ones, would be greatly appreciated!!! :grin: <3

Wondering what's next?



Fondant Garden

There is no bad boy here, but the story is well structured


i don’t know whether my recommendations going to be a Taiwanese or Chinese , i don’t really pay attention since the language almost the same , but with the plot you are talking about , i recommend to u , le jun kai , loving never forgetting and summer’s desire … it’s a new level of bad ass boys …


Hi Lolaloveskdrama,

I hope you’re still looking for some T-drama suggestions! I started off watching T-dramas and my first drama was Hana Kimi! It’s an older show (made in 2005) so the acting is more exaggerated, but it’s hilarious and fun to watch. (Quick summary: A girl pretends to be a boy and attends an all boys school to find the athlete she loves. All the crazy shenanigans follow from this gender bender drama) From that drama, I fell in love with Ella Chen from the long-lasting girl group S.H.E. and continued on with the drama Down With Love. (Girl pretends to be lesbian to secure a job as a lawyer’s nanny and romance continues).

If you don’t like the exaggerated and comedic acting of these two dramas, I suggest The Fierce Wife which is about a woman seeking revenge from her cheating husband (honestly, the revenge is sweet and satisfying (it’s one of my all time favorite dramas!). From there on out, you may end up liking Sonia Sui, a model-turned actor. She also starred in Pursuit of Happiness and Mr. Right Wanted and both of them were quite good. The former may be a bit infuriating though and the latter has a tendency to be a bit draggy. Either way, both are good watches!

If you want a more realistic approach, In Time with You is one of the best dramas that Taiwan has to offer. It’s the classic best friend approach to romance, but the directing and the storyline is compelling. The director makes the story fresh, and the storytelling makes the drama heart-felt. There is a Korean remake of the show, but honestly, I think the original holds more merit. Taiwan did right with this one.

For a more comedic spin, Rainie Yang definitely did well with picking her dramas. There’s Drunken to Love You which is absolutely hilarious and Why Why Love (though it was a bit draggy…). As for the top male actor of romance comedies, I’d pick Roy Qiu. His drama with Alice Ke Office Girls stands out to me.

If you’re in for some dramas for some boycandy (but not much else to offer, sorry if I offend anyone) there is Hot Shot (four hot boys and 1 girl), Just You (Okay, this was SUPER CUTE, but SUPER POINTLESS PLOTLINE but AARON YAN), Murphy’s Law of Love (anything with Danson, I’d watch, even if…), Alice in Wonder City (Aaron Yan + Lara V. = great singing but wtf was confusing AF storyline?), Miss Rose (Okay, Roy Qiu = Great, everything else…). I’ll leave this block here.

And for the ongoing dramas that might now join my top ten list: Marry Me, or Not? and Bromance. I’d watch the former before the latter. Roy Qiu and Alice Ke have some sizzling chemistry.

Lastly if you’re in for some LONG dramas. And I mean LONG, the better ones (ranking from best to worst) there’s Inborn Pair, Love or Spend (it’s an ongoing drama so Idk where it ranks for the moment but its still good), Love,Now , Ti Amo Chocolate, and Sweet Sweet Boyfriend.

I know I left you with a long list, but I hope some of this rambling is helpful. I saw the two suggestions above and I happened to have also watched them. My two cents is they are both super cute and funny. Bullfighting has Hebe from S.H.E. (love her!) and Mike He so its a good combo (but I’m a bit skeptical of the end of the show where things start to go downhill). Fondant Garden was good (Kingone Wang is in it and you’ll remember him from Devil Besides You as the second lead) but I thought it had a bit too many drama cliches for comfort.

Anyway, feel free to PM me if you end up wanting more clarification or drama suggestions! I hope you like the ones I’ve left you!




Love In Time (Danson Tang…vampire romance), Murphy’s Law of Romance, Fabulous 30 (really long series but has good kissing scenes with Danson Tang and his girlfriend), Refresh Man, The Way We Were


I recommend 2 new Taiwanese dramas: The Perfect Match and The Masked Lover.

Drama and Anime recommendations (PLS HELP)

I second these two, esp. The Masked Lover. Just ohhh-soo-good!:heart_eyes:


Thank for posting this video. I really love this song :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Fell in love with Van Ness Wu when I watched 2001 Meteor Garden. The only thing I did not like about Autumn’s Concerto is the music. It was too loud. Often, the piano was louder than the dialogue! But that did not stop me from just finishing my 2nd “watch!”

Oh, also fell in love with Jerry Yan. Oh, to be young again!


Love Haru Taiwan drama, just missing english subtitles.

Can anyone asist


The drama Lost Romance has been fun. It’d probably be best classified as romance (the name probably gave that away, though), with a big dash of modern fantasy. There’s no monsters or anything like that, but the whole plot device that the drama moves on qualifies as either fantastical or supernatural.

And not that long ago I finished up Some Day or One Day, which blew me away with just how excellent it was. It, too, qualifies as modern fantasy romance. But in tone it’s more serious than Lost Romance, and quite a bit darker, too.

Both are highly recommendable Taiwanese dramas.


I tried but didn’t make it past ep 1, I guess I am just too tired while watching and I think you need some concentration to get into the story.
LOL ist it Lost Romance I always read Last Romance - Freud sends his regards, as we in Germany would say. It has much fantasy and is dark … I guess I need to shift it into my other collection …


Some Day or One Day starts off very, very slow, though it picks up around Episode 03. Stick with it - you won’t regret it!

Not sure if you’re looking for recommendations, but if you’re looking for feel-good, romance dramas with pointless fluff, I’d suggest Jasper Liu dramas (Pleasantly Surprised, When I See You Again) and Aaron Yan dramas (Refresh Man, Just You). Attention, Love! which is by the same director as Some Day or One Day is also a really good cute romance drama!

Let me know if you need more recommendations! I love Taiwanese dramas, though I haven’t been keeping up with them recently, so my recommendations might be a little old.


This. It’s one of those shows that takes a little while to get going, but has a really satisfying payoff.


I avoid the fluffy stuff, my favorite Taiwan dramas are so far Office Girls, In a Good Way, Yong-jiu Grocery Store, … If you can recommend something alike I am all in.


I usually watch either the fluffy dramas, or the nitty and gritty dramas, so I’m not sure if I have what you are looking for but I’ll try -

If you like Office Girls, you might also enjoy Marry Me, or Not?, starring the same leads. The drama also mainly revolves around the workplace. I haven’t gotten around to In a Good Way and Yong-jiu Grocery Store, but perhaps you could check Love & π out? The leads also travelled to Taipei after years of growing up in the countryside.


Not available, but I find it interesting that somehow for Taiwan dramas the trailers can be watched on the new pages. Would have tried that one, don’t know about Love and Pi put it on my list to check.
Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to follow or add a channel to a collection if it’s not licensed in one’s region.

Guilty pleasure for sure are Autumn Concerto, My Queen, Fated to Love You, Drunken to Love You. @soyamilkbeancurdpudd sorry added another sentence.


In case anyone missed it, we can very soon (today-ish) enjoy a new Taiwanese drama:

And as for recommendations, I’d say:

And of course all seasons of HIStory. :slight_smile: (click on HI for season 1, St for 2, o for 3a and ry for 3b)