[Taiwanese Drama] Recruiting German Editor



I’m searching for a Editor for a Taiwanese Drama called Let’s Go Crazy on Live!
Genre: Romantic Comedy
There are 20 Episodes, it’s not On-Air, so no stress haha :wink:

Quick look at the story:

As an ordinary girl, working an ordinary job, at an ordinary convenience store, Lin An An (Chloe Xiang) had only one dream in life: to find a good, stable, government job so she could support her ageing grandfather. With that single dream in mind, An An never even thought of becoming anything more than the ordinary girl she had always been. But all that changed the day You Yuan Le (Ben Wu) walked into her life…

The Coverpage is already done, you can find more Infos there.

If you are interested please send me a message or comment under this post.

QC is required