Taking a break from volunteering

Those server issues Viki is having for weeks already drive me nuts. You can’t even sub or seg properly due this bloody 413 error, you can’t properly access your inbox either… and when you could segment and want to watch a drama you can’t either due that 413 error.

So I decided to take a break from volunteering because why bother when the site isn’t functioning properly?!

Who’s also planning on taking a break due this?


I was thinking about making a similar post because the bugs are too annoying and becoming more and more since the beta design/now activated new design.

Since 3-4 days I got an inbox bug too plus the subtitling tool bugs that occur for several months now (not all the time and not every day but I don’t have the time to try working on an episode again and again because of that).

So thanks for your post! I was wondering if others also do have so many bugs like me.

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I feel like the bugs give me legit breaks. For example, yesterday, for several hours, none of viki’s pages fully loaded. (The app was working though) so I was able to watch freely without feeling I was abandoning my duties. :smiley:

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So it’s a feature not a bug to create some space to relax :upside_down_face:


Past weekend I didn’t even bother to try if I could volunteer. Had errors all day so instead I watched Kdrama (elsewhere if Viki didn’t let me) and playing a new board game I bought.


I guess that’s what they call positive thinking. :laughing::laughing:


Well, I already tend to skip the weekends, so I didn’t notice the bug as much as you guys did then, but after I finish the projects I’m working on now, I’m going to take a (long) break from volunteering :blush:

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I took an old project, that is not buggy so far. Had a break all summer now I am only editing/subbing in the early morning or late at night with no trouble.

Taking a break is legit in my opinion with all the trouble even more. I hope you will come back once in a while or later - in a better mood and with no bugs. :wink: