Tamil subbers needed


Ok this is what I found: - last found active 5 months ago. active an year ago. - active a month ago. - active 8 months ago. - active a month ago. - active a month ago. - currently active. - active 10 months ago. - idk much about this user but this user expressed the desire to be a tamil subber in a post. - active 2 months ago. - active currently.(she does both hindi and tamil but mostly hindi.) - active currently. - active 6 months ago. - active 3 months ago. - active 3 months ago. - active 3 months ago. - me -active recently. - not much info found on profile

I will update if I find someone new. Also if you are a tamil subber viewing this post leave your info in the replies.


Visit this thread,
You will definitely find some


Sadly, many of the ones listed for Tamil are inactive. I know because I checked them one by one as I needed them for “Melancholia”.I only have two, and a third one who doesn’t have Vikipass so she won’t be able to sub after episode 2.


Its not sad it’s a very happy thing to find just one person in your language to work together, as the saying goes something is better than nothing the 3 users can make a lot of difference.
A start for a small language community , Viki pass doesn’t matter at all!
All you need is the spirit and hope that you can do it! It’s just a matter of time.

I really feel happy if a rare language subber get another person to help.

You know this already, but I’m repeating, I was alone when I just started, one active fellow subber’s profile made my day at that time .

And even if their quality is not so good I talked a nd we did some work together and slowly one by joined and we planned on starting a sns page our community has grown a lot now, that they(viewers) saw Telugu subs, they were asking for Tamil and Malayalam subtitles too.

We also sometimes do dramas that are requested by viewers.
And I’m proud to say that my language has 6+ qcs and around 15 subbers who are fluent and can translate very good.

My first hope @bunnysai thanks brother!
And the one who implemented the sns page idea was @neelima19

So finally I want to say we just need to encourage people!!
Today I will post and check if anyone is interested in translating From English to Tamil and Malayalam


One person messaged us regarding eng to Tamil translation I will drop the Viki Id soon.


I also updated that thread a few hours ago.


Contact this user


Shashira is for Tamil?


Yes! That’s why I posted here


Thank you. It’s good that there are two more people in the list!
But “Melancholia” needs Vikipass so both her and euphoria cannot access it.


They can work on a short drama and gain Viki pass and do Melancholia.


That’s what we’ve been discussing with Sneha right now. I made her a list of films and a mini-drama which would be perfect for newbies.


That’s great, sneha can do a q check too.


I’m just started my subtitling in Tamil here…


Kindly PM me!


Hello! I’m new to this and wish to contribute


Kindly PM me here


I’am new to this i would like to give it a try I would like to subtitle in tamil