TE for Korean drama "One the Woman"

I am looking for an experienced TE for the Korean drama “One the Woman” for support.
Out of 16 episodes, 7 episodes are released, for the remaining 9 episodes, I am looking for support for my TE.

If you are seriously interested, please contact me.


I am still looking for a second TE for the last 6 episodes. Who can support us?

Please mail me directly.

If you are seriously interested, please contact me .

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You don’t know how much I wished I knew Korean so I could offer my support and be part of that help since I simply LOVED that drama so much. The actress is amazing in my book, and the ML too.

The worse part that is my understanding that this drama has a complex dialect of the Korean language that is so much harder to translate. The same thing happened with another great drama HONEY girl was in. It took long for the subs to be fully done, and when a cast of characters and story plot is really good viewers tend to get overly anxious. I watched it like that but I’m looking forward to watching agin with the new and improved subtitles.

I mean I can fix the English sentence, but I won’t have an idea if the Korean to English translation was accurate enough as it should be. As we know copyright issues prohibit us to change what the script dialogue mandates. I just wished @choitrio could do her magic there if she could give us her quality work there. I just love the quality work she gives in her subs, but I understand she’s going through some things that require her devoted time and attention.

@a_hauth_238 I wish you TOTAL success in finding the qualified volunteer needed to finish your project, and I will re-watch again bc the drama is that good (in my opinion). Muy taste is so different from others so I know some won’t feel the same.

I applaud you for taking this project that turned out to be harder than expected but I know you will pull through bc I see it in your quest as you look for help all over the place. Thank you so much for not giving up and continuing working and finishing THE ONE WOMAN until the end. Fighting!


Thank you for your words.

Yes, this drama is a real challenge for the whole team.
From the beginning there have been problems throughout the drama that no one expected.

From covid, plagiarism, stolen computers, exchange from the English team… we had it all and I don’t want to know what else is coming.

I can only thank all the people in the team for continuing to do such a great job.

Our thoughts are with our CE who has been in the hospital with Covid for a very long time. I would like to thank my GE who helps where he can and of course my TE who spends every free minute on Viki just on this drama.
To my language moderators who try to keep the viewers of their language happy and motivate their team even if we have such a slow release of the episodes. And of course to all the translators who stick with it despite the long wait so viewers can watch the drama with subtitles in their language.

To the viewers, I would like to apologize for having to wait so long and I would like to thank you for understanding the situation for the most part.


Wow with this drama, you, and the whole team included, has gone through a lot, and I’m truly sorry for the moments I was complaining about it since I was so eager to watch. I should had wait it out like I do other times with dramas I like. My sincere heartfelt apologies.

To YOU, All the TEAM involved, I’ll also say: THANK YOU, and we all know that in the end you will succeed into making this GEM of a drama to shine. This success will only show the great volunteers you all are! Fighting!

To those who has tried to ruin the quality in dramas/movies/shows here at RViki I will say to you; you will never succeed bc Viki’s volunteer love this site too much, and will always give it a good fight TO WIN.


@angelight313_168, I am happy to say that I am now settled into my condo and my house recently got sold. I am slowly getting back to subbing and captioning at Viki but I am being careful not to overextend myself, especially since I’ve recently graduated from Ninja Sandbox and I am waiting to start my training at the Ninja Segging Academy.

@a_hauth_238, I will send you a PM.



OMG I’m so happy for you! I was so much wanting to know how you were doing, and how things were going along. Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate any help you can give in [ONE THE WOMAN] drama bc is one of my favorites, but the issue with some of the subs didn’t let me enjoy watching the drama fully like I wanted to, so I really want to watch it again with the subs fixed. I know that day is getting closer if you give them a hand. You are the best!