Team Discussion not visible

Hey there!

I am experiencing some issues at the moment. Regularly I am using Firefox as it does not need too much of my working ressources from my computer but I the Team Discussions are not loading at all, no matter how long I wait or how often I try (there is even not the loading symbol at all…).
When I open it in Google Chrome the Team Discussion works, is visible and so on but then the Subtitle Editor is going crazy! It does not let me edit things, add them or jumps between the segments so working is not possible; in addition, it takes up so much of my computers ressources that I do not want to work with GC (same with IE, it takes as much ressources as GC).

Anyone an idea what to do? It takes minutes for me to switch between the browsers and loading the sides including the discussions or subtitles so I am not happy about the current situation.

Would love to hear from you, thank you very much in advance!

Ja ne~~

After various tests, I found out that Opera is all in all the best for viki.


Thank you, irmar!

I tried Opera but it is not working very smooth for me; it loads very long :frowning: At least, I can see everything! Next one will be Vivaldi as a browser 8[

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I have tried Vivaldi several days now and it works absolutely perfect! Everything is loaded really quickly, subtitles are synchon with the video, no stopping (at least not when from the Vikis server side everything is fine), the Team Discussion (!!) is being able to be used, Team Notes are visible and the Chat works pretty well.

I want to make clear that I do not want to advertise this browser. I met already people who were suffering from the same problems as I did so I hope this might become a solution for the few people who are facing same tasks.

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Hello there! :slight_smile:

It seems that Team Discussions are invisible for me, both in Safari and Chrome, the drama/movie doesn’t matter. I think it never worked. I haven’t tried other browsers, though. Could it be settings in my account, perhaps? How can I get it fixed? :tired_face:

To be able to access TD you have to accept social media cookies :frowning:


Have you checked your cookie settings? Are the comments on the channel page of Reviews and Comments visible?

Yes, I can see the Reviews and Comments.

This is weird normally if you can see the comments Team Discussions should be no problem, you can try to open the Cookie Policy on the bottom of the page and look for the setting or check your browser(s) about cookie settings.

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I opened the Cookie Settings at the bottom and allowed all, and this is when Comments loaded as well. I think I misunderstood you before and took Reviews for Comments :sweat_smile: Now I can see Team Discussions! Perfect, thank you so much! :smiley:

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No worries, if it is working for you now, then it’s all good.
Have a good time and stay safe!

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Thank you. You too!

THANK YOU SO MUCH :slight_smile: