I have always loved dramas of any genre when there’s a team working together. I’d like to ask for any suggestions if you guys know of any good dramas/movies with strong teamwork in it, where the team shares an almost family-like bond?

(Some of my favorites are the teams in Healer, Love in The Moonlight, Familiar Wife, and Touch Your Heart)

Thanks :grin:


Maybe? Or this one?


It’s not available in Europe, so you can’t watch it if you’re from there.


Hi @vivi_1485 Teamwork is one of my fave styles. Here’s a few K-drama to check out:

And, a couple K-movies that I think are fantastic Teamwork greats:

I hope you find some new faves! :smiley_cat:


MIsaeng or Incomplete Life. One of the best k-dramas out there, with outstanding actors.

Good Casting. Three female secret agents. Action-comedy with a bit of (lame-ish) romance

Idealistic Doctor, Master Kim (Here they titled it Dr. Romantic)

and the sequel, Dr. Romantic 2


woah! thanks, @lutra, @oriya, @sheishun, and @irmar!! I didn’t expect so many suggestions! One second ago I had nothing on my list and now :flushed: i dunno which one to choose! Thanks, though :smile:


Just say what mood you are in - for working place drama, romance, comedy, friendship, medical, more than one …
You name it … We will help you.


rom-coms mostly nowadays, something light to lift the mood :slight_smile:
thank you!


I wanted to give you 3 but didn’t want to add more stress in choosing, since I got a thank you for this suggestion yesterday, maybe it is right for you too.


@vivi_1485 Did you find something you enjoy?


uhhh, I’ve JUST finished watching He Is Psychometric and I just wanted an extreeeemely, extreeeemely fluffy, light rom-com to watch… I started The Great Show, but I guess it’s kinda not my type… Is there any other you can think of? I’m sorry, but really, after HIP I need something verrrrrry rom-commy and funny to combat my utter devastation :grimacing::weary:
How is WWW?


Well, neglecting the teamwork idea, going more for the romance than the usual romantic comedy.

If you look in the historical department maybe this is something.

Chinese there is part one and a follow up.

If you started to like the acting main couple you might want to try this one

For Korean historical drama with funny take I would recommand

Body switch if this is your cup of tea, there is:

or identity switch

or since it is summer, you might like it a bit spooky

If you like romance in the office:

between this couple the comedy aspect is far about the romance factor

a good layer of friendship in this one

and a loud and quirky one

Nice romance to start with a sudden turn in dramatic, be prepared, but it is really good executed

Nice and simple

About WWW the base is work related serious matter, if you look for the pure rom-com it’s probably not what you are looking for.


She wanted something happy and fluffy and you tell her to watch Oh My Ghostess? I was sobbing for three days after the ending, I was devastated, and my heart and stomach were pinched every time I thought about it for months afterwards.
Tale of Nokdu has some funny scenes but at the same time is very dark and violent.

I’d say go for Secret Garden, you can’t go wrong. I watched it again recently, after many years, and it is still holding its own very well.


Haha, sorry, my bad, I was somehow neglecting that, don’t know why … But at least I wrote “spooky” above the mentioned dramas.
Well I am not as we in Germany say “built close to the water”, that means easily moved to tears, so maybe that is why all in all I do not recall it as a sad one.
But fluffy stuff, does it really come without any drama at all, or does it always need the bossy guy?
Where do we have a perfect fluffy drama?


I’m not usually keen on fluff dramas, but here are a few suggestions for @vivi_1485 - the Teamwork element likely missing, try these for romcom:


Full House is fluffy? So really the bossy guy aka. jerk, is not taking away the fluff, okay, today I learned something …


not all the fluffy ones have a bossy guy in them… ones I’ve watched are Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I’m Not A Robot and Touch Your Heart…there’ll be scenes where you may shed tears or something, but everything is mostly light and heartwarming, and the ending is verrrrry verrrry satisfactory. :slight_smile:

if he softens up in the end, it’s usually worth it, because it usually causes some really funny and light scenes because he’s trying to be different…


oh my, thanks! I’m subbing Hi! School: Love On and it is really good until now… so glad I get to work on it! :blush:


I recommend:

  • Hotel Del Luna
  • Touch
  • Suspicious Partner
  • Where Stars Land
  • Clean With Passion For Now
  • Descendants of The Sun
  • Oh My Venus

I hope you enjoy them!


thanks!!! suspicious partner was so soooooo good, i just fell so hard for Ji Chang Wook! :sweat_smile::blush::heart_eyes: