Telenovela "I Will Never Say Goodbye" is Recruiting!

Hey guys! We’re recruiting subbers (and moderators) to help sub this telenovela:

We’re in search of:

  1. Subbers for all languages.

Especially: Indonesian and Italian (we have very little subbers)

  1. Moderators (Any Language, preferably QCs).

  2. English page designer

Please contact me if you’re interested! ^^

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I’m studying Englisj rigth now, I can try to translate it.!! I’m better translating backwards…but if someone can correct me, I’m here,!

Thanks! If you think you can do well with English, go ahead. If not, you can also help with the transcript - which is just adding spanish subtitles. Either way is fine, since we only have one person working on the transcript right now.

Good.! then I can help with the transcript !

I would like to help, translating from english to portuguese, if you want.

Could someone explain to me the diference berween moderating and subbing? :slight_smile:

Great, I’ll send you a pm.

Yes, thanks so much we really need Portuguese subbers.
I’ll send you a pm soon!

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Great, see you soon :slight_smile:

I can help with Spanish to English subtitles if you are still looking.

Yes, of course! I’ll send you a pm.

I can help you as a Moderator in Spanish and English in the proyect I will never say goobye, let me know If i can be part of your team

Thanks! I’ll pm you!

Hi, I would like help as moderator or subb.

What language would you like to help with? ^^

I can help with English and also to transcribed in Spanish.

i can help you with indonesia. i am new to viki. just tell me how to start

can you explain what is the different betwee moderator and subb

Great! I’ll send you a pm with the information!
A subtitler is a person who translates from one language to another, while a moderator is someone who oversees the work being done for a certain language. Since you’re new to viki, I would recommend getting comfortable with subtitling before you become a moderator.

Ok, since the spanish team is pretty much covered, you can help out with English subs. I’ll send you a pm soon~!

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