Terrible Pick-Up Lines to Cheer Everybody Up (ft. Flirty Dramaland guys because why not)


You must be a love ninja because you snuck into my heart. :sparkling_heart:



When I saw this, my smile just appeared and got bigger and bigger when I saw Lee Je Hoon :sweat_smile:


I thought he was appropriate for the pick-up line. :slight_smile:


Same here!


Oh, yeah, that stinks!



I think your beauty would last to infinity and beyond.

We Heart It



Don’t worry. If you kiss me, I won’t turn into a frog.




From Zombie Detective Ep 3
By any chance, do you have the key?
What key?
The Key that will open your heart…



Smooth :rofl:

Idk about where you live / buy socks, but the socks I buy come with a R/ L on them, so you know which foot it goes on :wink:.

Also, I love purposely mismatched socks :blush: I love the ones that have the same overal pattern, but done differently for each sock.


I don’t really need an R/L because the sock is made to fit both feet. But it’s kinda become a habit for me… even if I see matching socks I pick mismatched ones :joy:


Your eyes are bluer than the Atlantic Ocean, and I don’t mind being lost at sea.



Aw… I want to play but it’s been decades since I’ve dated anyone so I don’t have any pickup lines for you guys. :scream: :sob: :rofl:


I haven’t dated anyone in my tiny long life either :joy::joy: I’m “mottae-solo”!

As long as you have a romantic soul, you can play :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yea, but I don’t have a repertoire of lame pick up lines in my back pocket to share here.


Twitter - Lee Junho

I tweeted him this pickup line this morning at about 3am. He is doing ads for Piaget WATCHES but I couldn’t find a picture yet. Great photos of him though.

"What :clock1: TIME do you have to be back in HEAVEN?" :two_hearts::penguin::sun_with_face:


My ‘back pocket’ is called Google search. :rofl:


Did you know cuddling reduces pollution by 25%?


okay this one is GOOD :heart_eyes:



Are you a microwave oven? Because you melt my heart.