Thai BL series


So why? cant we have some romantic Dramas from Thailand ,I would really like to no…


BL Chat

I am sure there are Thai BL

Isn’t there some good Thai ones? Are they not on VIKI?


Ntflx has a ton of Thai BL, but I’m not sure about Viki.


I’m trying to think off hand but most I have watched on VIKI are Korean I think - the Thai one isn’t I don’t think.

did you check descriptions on the main page under Thai BL??


I just checked my list and the vast majority of Thai dramas I’ve watched are BL, the few non BL dramas I thought were only ok, I just like Korean dramas better.

For non BL, the old Full House Thai wasn’t too bad. There’s a new on on utube called Oh My Boss that was sort of cute, but I only gave it a 7.5 :star: rating so :woman_shrugging:t3: Nflx has a couple of remakes, Oh My Ghost, Let’s Fight Ghost, but I find Thai dramas lean more to over the top acting, and it’s not my style.

As far as BL, Thailand does it best in my opinion. I’m sure you’ve seen TharnType & TharnType 7Years are now on Viki, but for others, if you go to MDL and click on the where to watch it takes you to a legitimate source, but they aren’t available in all regions.
My favorites are

A Tale of Thousand Stars
Until We Meet Again
Lovely Writer

If you want to look at my Viki Collection, it’s not all the one’s I’ve watched, just the sweet ones. And as you know, Viki doesn’t have a lot of Thai BL.

My more comprehensive MDL list
Watched BL :star:rating + sweet & innocent or racy (86 shows) - MyDramaList


Thank you!


Youtube is a great resource for Thai gay dramas. Often production companies make their series freely available to the world via Youtube. WeTV and LineTV also make some shows available free of charge on their websites.


ive been misunderstood yes Viki haveThai Bl series but not Male Female romances why NOT///


It’s not that they don’t have many Male/Female romances, it’s just that there aren’t many Thai dramas on Viki. There’s only 13 that show up if you explore and use Thailand as the country of origin, 7 of them being BL, 5 romance, 1 crime.

As @manganese said, some Thai production companies release their dramas on YouTube, WeTV & LineTV, it’s not just BL content that is released. So until Viki has more Thai content, we have to search elsewhere for it.

I put them in spoiler because sometimes other viewing platforms are redacted.


Well here is one for you, I wanted watch it but because of the BL I dropped it… since it doesn’t interest me…


Sorry for the misunderstanding. Even on Ntflx, it seems like they have done a big purge of a lot of their Thai content, especially that of the male/female variety. I have a decent list of such dramas that I watched on that platform in the last couple years, but almost all of them have since been removed. If, as a couple other posters have stated, many Thai broadcasters offer their content free at other places, this may be why subscription-based streaming sites aren’t obtaining rights for them. Why pay licensing fees if viewers can find the stuff for free elsewhere?


Hi I am new to the discussions My name is Angelique I live in Amarillo tx. My nickname is Neko and I am African, Central Asian and West European. I LOVE BL drama , anime , and manga. I rarely American Television. GMM, Line Tv, are all my favorites. and I especially love Thai BL Series. One of my favorites is TharnType and TharnType 7 Years of Love on Viki:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Do you think Viki will pick up The KinnPorsche BL series


maybe later, but for now it will be on another plattform (iqiyi)


@angiekmartin1968_456, I know from the title of this topic it looks like the BL chat, but it was just a question, I’ve linked the topic you’re probably wanting below.
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Because even if they are on youtube it’s mostly the die-hard fans that know about it. If they can get on a platform like netflix or viki the casual wivers will also be able to find it. That’s why I’m SOO happy viki is getting more Bls. Because it means getting a bigger audience, getting a bigger audience means it attracts more sponsors, more sponsors, means more money, more money means more series with even better quality…

And one more thing, viki is usually good at getting the DVD edition and stuff like that like tharn type which had extra scenes that international fans didn’t get to see before. Or like world of honor with the extra ending.


There use to be a larger amount of Thai lakorns on Viki in the past. Back when Viki was more lenient on licenses. Nowadays, subbed Thai lakorns (other than bl) are available from several private subbing groups. They release them on their own site.

Here are some bl series with subs. [via youtube]

Will add more if there’s any interest. (If I can find more) :wink:


Um, actually no. Netflix just has a selected few…


Best place is Dramacool. It has tons of BLs that is rly hard to find subbed most of the times and it’s all for free and is also available for download. So if u really want to expand your view, you should visit the site!


You should check out GMMTV and Studio Wabi Sabi on youtube