Thai-English Translators for True Love Next Door Season 1

Lakorn aka Thai drama is not as big as Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, and Korean dramas on here. Just this year, Viki manage to get a few Thai project licensed. Although the ones that are licensed are not popular with viewers compare to Ch3, Ch7 and Exact, it is a start.

I have made some contact but some Thai speaker who translate English to Thai have declined due to the lack of English grammar. That’s not a problem, there are editors available work on that. Thai-English subbers are highly in demand. Please if you know the language, please help contribute to spread Thai entertainment.

Thank you,


i love this show beside all thai lakorns , i am big supporter for thai lakorn, well it is very funny show, love sunny and paula , mayb not big or not popular for other but still enjoyable and funny , wish i know more thai than i know i am still beginner but hopefully you will found who help all the best for you , and thank you for this lakorn in future i wish see stupid cupid here in viki