The 2017 QC Gift - Is this real?


I recently received a message telling me to complete a google form with my mailing information in order to receive my QC Gift.

The sender is vikicommunity ( but for some reason it looks a bit… weird? Didn’t we already receive the coupons as QC Gifts for 2017? Is this another gift?

Just needed to confirm that before giving any information. :slight_smile:

QC gifts for volunteers

for me it’s the first time getin such a notice here on viki.
but whats angrys me, is that you may have to pay for taxes.
living in europe means i have to pay or? and how much would that be?
and why paying for an gift? when i order something okay, but for a gift…


You’re scaring me now, I just filled up the form :fearful: Really hope it’s real :scream:


LOL, easy~


I have received the gift for 2016 and I haven’t paid any taxes at all.
so don’t worry about it. But I must say that I got my present after two months since the day they posted.I also live in Europe, in Greece in particular.
@nik_os perhaps it is an extra gift because a lot of people didn’t get their coupons


The coupon was given in the spring of 2017 but it was for 2016. How could it be the coupon for 2017 when the year was not finished yet?
It’s like taxes. It says “Tax declaration 2017” but it is about tax year 2016 that just passed.

Hope this helped!


ah okay, thanks =)
then i really shouldnt worry.


I missed my very first QC gift because I thought it was a scam :sweat_smile: I was thinking: “why would someone send me a shirt?!” and “I bet they let me pay a lot of shipping” :joy:
Lucky a year later I knew it was legit and not scam…


I never had to pay any extra fees for QC gifts and I’m from Europe too as it’s marked as gift and the value isn’t that high you have to pay extra fees. The only time I had to pay extra fees is when I won a Kobo ereader on Viki and they covered those costs for me to my surprise. I don’t think they do that every time but in my case they did.


[quote=“teufelchen_netty_266, post:1, topic:17745”]
but whats angrys me, is that you may have to pay for taxes.
living in europe means i have to pay or? and how much would that be?[/quote]

The good thing about last year was that this “Yes Style” online shop has storage places in the Netherlands, so the parcel was marked as coming from the European Union, thus no custom duties.
I also asked them as a favor to put as value something less, 20 euros (it was very near the actual value anyway, since it was 30 dollars), as I had heard that under that you don’t pay for customs taxes. This was before knowing that it would come from Holland.


I knew it would be first shipped to Europe in bulk and then shipped further so I wasn’t worried about the customs. But I didn’t know yesasia/yesstyle had a depot in my country because my stuff always came from Germany while I live in The Netherlands.

In the Netherlands it’s like this:
Value 0-22 euro’s -> no customs.
22-50 euro’s -> only importfees
50+ -> Importfees and tax.

Receiving gifts is free unless they suspect it’s not gift.

But so far the fees I calculated beforehand where never the fees I had to pay… it was always a bit lower then I calculated so it seems a bit random.
Ohh and I noticed something else: This time of year you are more likely to get extra fees then the rest of the year. That’s why I don’t order expensive stuff around christmas unless I know the shop will lower value and mark as gift.


How did you win your Kobo? I’m crazy about one.