The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


Those are two different cuties in my post, so I will assume you meant both of them. :grin:


I forgot to mention him hahaha, I was talking about the second one!! :sweat_smile:


Zhao Yi Qin (24)


The Water God is already in Hottie Posse!:star_struck:


I’ve seen him in a few things & enjoyed him. He has such striking features.


So my weird thing about watching for hearts in the ears, I had trouble deciding where to put this, lol. Since the guy on the left is 23, I thought Baby Bird U.
Mix, on the left, has a great heart. Yes I know I’m strange, but I noticed it once and now…

Mix Sahaphap Wongratch, 23 & Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri, 27
From their drama A Tale of Thousand Stars

@vivi_1485, handsome men in side profile?


Ones baby bird the other can graduate to Hottie Posse Campus🤣


Mix Sahaphap Wongratch, 23


ABS-CBN .com

He is so good in A Tale of Thousand Stars It’s hard to believe it’s his first drama. You all should go watch it, did I mention I Loved this drama? lol


The Supreme Oh Mighty One Chancellor is BACK!



Things were awfully quiet at the university while you were gone. And as any parent will tell you, if it’s too quiet, something nefarious is probably going down in secret.




What do you meeean? We’ve been as good as gold, waiting for you to come back!



How did you record our footage??! :scream::scream: We tried to keep everything secret… what is this breach of security!! WHO DID YOU BRIBE?


No one leaked it, I was hiding in the back the whole time. But I don’t think @kdrama2020ali will notice, everyone pitched in and cleaned the place up really well. :wink:


My DO (new assistant) and I will be coming around to @vivi_1485 get all the reports on the going ons at Baby Bird U while I was gone I hope detailed notes were taken - or you could lose your internship if you were egging on all the ROWDYNESS!!!
@sweetybirdtoo Me thinks you might have been instigating things!

@my_happy_place was my SPY!!!



Really? D.O is coming here???!! :scream::scream: I’ve been as good as gold! I’ve been perfect! There was nothing to write about!
All I want is to see your assistant! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You do know he’s closer to me than he is to you, don’t you :smirk:


I’m bringing some baby birds to coax the Chancellor.


Supreme Chancellor and Hottie Posse Overlord says! You know what I’m going to say


You have won me over

I just got back! From the BEACH! I’m not grumpy yet - except I found @vivi_1485 confetti in my potted plants outside my office! And I think someone toilet papered my sitting Garden!!!