The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


I only brought the rocket launcher, I’m not responsible for what they did with it.

Ok, I’m not saying anything happened, but you may want to check the level in the fire extinguishers…

But me, I did nothing…


As far as I know, all the birds attended class and followed instructions.

Who would do such a thing?



I believe the professor here will tell me because…

I think it is all “lip service” I need the TRUTH


Lee Jeno lookin anything but baby bird here.


OOOOOOOw Power Tools!


I’ve watched that a MILLION times… you all know I have a big fat crush on Jeno :see_no_evil::heart_eyes: He’s our terribly handsome cutie^^

That won’t work this time… I loved him FIRST :sunglasses:

And, dear professors, wHY did you film us?? :scream::sob: Delete all that footage! We were perfect!


Coming from the Registrar’s Office at a University, you can rest assured that I will be checking to make sure all baby birds have successfully completed the requirements of their program before they can graduate. Hahaha!



Hmmmmmm anyone turning 27 ready to move to Hottie U Main Campus???:sunglasses:

(I actually was a Registrar for 3 years😃)
I know who to let in and who not too


Oh, nothing. Why do you ask?




I love his hair!!!


How is he a BABY bird!!!

We Heart It


I thought we decided Kai wasn’t a baby bird. Or was that someone else?


You are RIGHT he is 27 - He has graduated - I knew he was too SEXY

Where is that Registrar - @stardust2466_546


I was just about to post that he was 27 - absolutely qualified to be in the posse. Besides, his hip rolls might get him expelled from baby bird university anyway.


Him and SANS can hang out together all though Sannie is really a baby bird! But I say he stays in HOttie Posse (I know he floats back and forth)


He makes it tough because we just can’t seem to make him keep his shirt on, no matter how much detention we give him.


There are a few baby birds that do sexy far too well. lol


I swear someone keeps taking his gym bag!




Choi Bo Min (21)
Actor & Idol (maknae of Golden Child)

He was good in 18 Again.



I’m checking his credentials even as I write this…

Yes! He turned 27 on the 24th of January so he may move on and pursue his Master’s at “Hottie” Posse University! Congratulations, Kai!



Look who I caught dancing in the classrooms!
Careful they are a little :fire::fire::fire: