The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


When you just need a SAN - Belly Roll Day!

When you try to watch Sannie - YeoSang and WooYoung at the same time - first world problems




I’ve just started a 2020 dorama, Danger-less Detectives.

It’s so far fluffy and funny, and the two detectives of the title are played by actors who are definitely cuties.

(AsianWiki–Nobuyuki Suzuki, left; Hiyato Sano, right)

Nobuyuki Suzuki is 29 but to me looks much younger. Hayato Sano is 23. 10 episodes. Nice dressers. Looks to be a good escapist show.



I reluctantly put him in BABY BIRD :bird:

I cry as I do this! Our 21 year old HOTTIE!



How is he only 21??





Jun -

Aw he is so handsome!

Jun and THE8


Can I nominate someone for a scholarship to the university?


ASTRO’s Moonbin … my Binnie! I was going to add him to Hottie Posse but he’s only 23!!


Oh I love my ASTRO

Cha Eun Woo

Hello Kpop
Jin Jin

Kpop wiki
Sound Cloud

My Astro Boys!!!


What’s Up Kpop


My new :fire:
(he has the ability to move between hottie posse and baby bird U)


This video made me really appreciate Rocky’s dancing ability! :star_struck:


He is A-MAZING - and a definite baby bird :bird:


So, how does one apply for a scholarship to HU or its “feeder university” CPU?

And who reviews the applications?

And is there a building program to keep up with the increasing student population? You can’t admit everybody (or can you).


Um - The Resident Baby Bird University Supreme Chancellor and Hottie Posse Overlord

Of Course

and my registrar extraordinaire @stardust2466_546

We have a new system as of Oct 2021 - as I understand


I’m pretty sure there is no limit. Come one, come all. And admittance is based only on recommendation by one or more of the discussion participants. If recommended, you get automatic acceptance. The only prerequisite and deciding factor is age. :wink::sunglasses:


Except when I decide they need advanced placement! for :fire:


Of course, oh Mighty One!


Or when someone is just too baby bird to think of them as Hottie Posse, (few and far between) I think Xiumin may be the only one in that category. Even at 31 he’s just too adorable.


ahhh Xiumin, our eternal fake maknae :joy::joy: He must be the only student shifted from Hottie U to Cutie U because he’s just so CUTE— until he goes into Dance Mode and we have to shift him back :flushed:
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He looks like a BABY!!!