The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


I am NEVER going to get over bite scenes in c-dramas :flushed: I just CANNOT get used to them!


It’s one thing to bite someone in self defense, but in this scenario? It’s a bit…strange.


It is a little carnivorous! hahahaahahaha!


see this is why Google slapped the NSFW sign on you! :joy::joy:


Just can’t handle Kai or Sannie’s chest or their moves!
(Or any of the Hottie Posse) :star_struck:


Oh, I think it’s so . . . cute. That’s guys for you. So literal in some ways.

“I could just eat you up.”

Cue the cross-postable winner of today’s Subway Cheesy-Bread Award:

"Are you a vampire? Cause I’d like to take a bite outta you!"


"Are you a vampire? Cause you can take a bite outta me anytime!"

Two for one special!



My kinda VAMPIRE - can bite me anytime!!!




Drama Wiki

Long Ballad Gifs

This guy is so UNIQUE - GORGEOUS - Sexy - Long Ballad!!!
Wang Ru Chang - 24

I can’t put him in hottie posse :sob:


I am HERE for this bad boy vibe!


Looks like we have the same taste!!! hahahahahaha! He is very unique - gorgeous guy!!! I so want to see him play a vampire!!!




Is he a baby bird?
Ohhhh, he needs an early graduation! lol


ohh I really love this one


That’s my favorite photo of the ones she posted too. He’s very photogenic.


Today’s Cafeteria Menu:

Hot SANdwiches on fresh-baked belly rolls
Park Bo Gummy Bears

Happy Friday! :yum:

Segue Cafe - meet up with friends to chat about whatever strikes your fancy

That’s hilarious - Now I have to think of more of these!!!

Park Bo Yuumy



I love this one for some reason!!! But of course the WHITE is gorgeous!



Feel free to add to the menu – we like to have lots of choices! :yum:


Gong Yoo-Hoo’s to drink
Ji Chang WOOKie pies (like Whoopie Pies)
Lee Jun-Ho Ho’s
Seo In TteokGUK (tteokguk is a Korean Rice Cake Soup)

I seem to want DESSERT :yum:

Segue Cafe - meet up with friends to chat about whatever strikes your fancy

SO MUCH SWEETNESS :cookie::birthday::ice_cream::moon_cake:


Loving this picture!