The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!


I thought baby birds were supposed to keep their shirts on for @vivi_1485

Avert your eyes Vivi

@kdrama2020ali, put your warning ABOVE the image for our Cinderella.


she is ok with intermurals = Shirts - Skins!! :laughing:


Love his hair!


He’s a gorgeous guy and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a baby bird :bird:


What kind of trees do you have in your neighborhood that those kind of BBs keep falling out of them?

(Opera screen cap)

Not that the hottie here is a BB, but the trees in K-dramas especially seem to attract them . . .



My trees!!! They have far to Fall from HEAVEN


Barely Baby Bird Alert …

NCT’s Taeyong — he’s 26. Almost a graduate!

image image


You’re going to have to fight @vivi_1485 and I for him, we’ve claimed NCT & EXO. :joy:


D.O. LOVEfest 2021 - has not ended!



We looked the other way for that because you were obsessing while watching 100 days. Plus who doesn’t love more pictures of D.O. lol


You KNOW that is my favorite gif of D.O.!!! I love it every time you post it!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!



Ja Phachara Suansri


He is attractive!!


Well - Tropes - Watch - White shirt - I will find some more of him he is gorgeous!



Ja Phachara suansri





He’s got a natural ‘smoldering’ look to him. Very handsome guy! Nice pick @kdrama2020ali!

Oh, and an additional trope (for me anyhow); he’s got LONG fingers.


Here is his cute dimple!!!


Any requirements I should know about before posting?

Because I’m in the mood to post this picture:

Okada Kenshi

and this one:
Nakao Masaki
His eyes are all you need :slight_smile: I wasn’t able to get a picture without the text and forgot to write down the episode/scene to go back.


Baby Birds are up to age 26 unless they are so darn sexy they have to be put in Hottie Posse!!!

They graduate to Hottie Posse U - at 27!!!

Sannie from Ateez - he is in Hottie Posse cuz - well you know!!!


I watched the K-version and liked it. Many were confused by the ending though. This must be a new J-version coming out?