The Baby Bird Factor - The "Cutie" Posse University!



I have a major CRUSH!!! He’s 21


More of Hyunjun …



His Instagram - I have no words for that profile!!!


wowwww he has an amazing profile! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: That jawline and the nose ahh he’s so handsome!!


@porkypine90_261 and I were having a conversation about Filipino movies, and we brought up Daniel Padilla - whom I am a big fan of and who is a very popular actor and singer. She suggested I add him to the hottie posse, but it turns out he is still a baby bird.

Daniel Padilla - 26


James Dean

Oh My @stardust2466_546 I’m thinking he needs a WAIVER!!!


He’s only a handful of months from turning 27, so maybe early admittance to the posse is a possibility.


Let’s move him down the bunny trail to HPU. I’ve checked his credentials and they look pretty :fire::fire::fire:


As All Supreme Chancellor and Hottie Posse Overlord - I concur



Here are out baby birds up to age 27!!

Post some of the guys you love!!!


this is so adorable and the crepe cake looked so yummy omg I kind of want to make that now


One of my fav videos


Happy posted about this Baby Bird back in August but I am completely enamored and had to post again. Saint Suppapong – and he is only 23 years old. With some of these looks, he could EASILY graduate to Hottie Posse!!!



Tutor is so beautifully handsome I can’t stand it. I am in love with him and Fighter!!


And Fighter goes in Hottie Posse - !!!


Sannie looking like the SNACK he is … YUM


He is a SNACK!!!





I officially and have un-officially had a STUPID crush on ROCKY from ASTRO for a long time

His hips should be illegal -


Our first SANNIE belly roll of 2022 :fire::fire::fire:
(also cross- posted in Hottie Posse because even though he’s young enough for BBU he definitely has the body and the moves for the Posse :heart_eyes:)


He moves between both - yes mam - he does!!!