The Coming Soon bug

So this coming soon bug is going on for 3+ months already and it’s still not fixed. Help requests are marked solved when they are not. So I decided to make a post here:

My goal with the post is that Viki finally does fix this problem as it has been an issue for so long already. Please help by voting up. Thanks!


@dudie Is this another bug? It tells me that I am not authorized to open this post …

I went to upvote your post and it says the same thing:


You’re not authorized to access this page

Ohh Viki must approve it first it seems, why must they even approve of bug posts to begin with?

Anyway let’s post it here too in the meantime (I copy pasted it) :
I decided to make this post in the hopes Viki finally gives this issue a higher priority so it will be fixed after 3+ months! Yes I wrote the help center but they marked it as solved while it isn’t so let’s try here.

Please if you have the same issue please vote up and file a help request: also if you don’t have this issue feel free to vote up to raise more awareness.

The bug:

For various drama the different video encodings is causing episodes to be released at differing times, thus allowing some users to access episodes earlier than others. Meaning there is a delay on when you can see the episode on Viki. For some it might be on coming soon while others can already watch and work on it. From what I gathered the video is first up for South America, then USA and then Europe.

Why is this a problem? :

Due this bug there where already 2 projects I couldn’t work on as a segger and who knows which other upcoming projects I cannot work on. Also it’s very annoying that you keep waiting for it to be uploaded and then you realize it’s up but you cannot see it yet. And if you use a link that should work it gives an error. So if an episode should be up around 7-8PM on Monday it will not be up for me until Tuesday morning when all segging work is already done. This also affects the subbers who cannot get into the tools to sub in English resulting in more delays before the English sub is complete. And that is resulting in more angry viewers who demand subs.

It has been 3+ months already, how much longer will it take?!

If you have the same issue file a Help Request and if you have the issue on an other drama please post here too.
List of drama that suffers or suffered from the bug:

  • The Secret Life of My Secretary
  • Angel’s Last Mission: Love
  • I Wanna Hear Your Song
  • Everything and Nothing

Bug on the bug page.


you made me laugh :smiley::smiley:

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Same. I can even find your post in Bugs & Issues section by its title, but when I click on it, I’m not allowed to see the page.

same here o.o

It should be visible now as the message for approval is gone.

Upvoted. Although, as you well know, upvotes don’t really count. My “petition” about restrictions has almost 3000 upvotes, and they didn’t even give us a negative reply. Nothing.

I know but it won’t hurt a try and then at least more people are aware of this bug and know it’s not a problem on their end when they have to deal with the bug too.


That will take time. I don’t think anything concrete will happen in the next six moths. It requires significant changing of their MO, not to mention that contract they already signed or are fighting for will go by the old book.

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This is perfectly okay. But what I’d like to know is… is there even a will to listen to us and try to change things?
They really, really don’t listen, they really don’t care and the new hiding of Discussions (and of our Inbox in the beta home page) is proof of that.

I just got a box full of thoughtful little gifts this morning, for being a Featured QC. And I immediately thought… “Thanks a bunch, but instead of that, I’d like you to help me organize my inbox with folders and a contact list”.


I’m curious what goodies you got :slight_smile:


Sorry, @dudie, for side-tracking your thread…

I think this is a consequence of the fact that volunteers make a reaaally small percentage of viewers on Viki. I would be surprised if there is 0,1% of volunteers in total. So, they are adjusting the site for the large majority - pure viewers. I don’t think it’s even a matter of subscription or not.

They are probably thinking we will find a way around to the places we need.

If we put aside the fact that volunteers are in a way now less respected and that the site itself is far, far away from a bootleg community site it once was… The real problem I’m seeing is the fact that viewers and new volunteers will hardly ever find their way to Discussions. So the forum might start to die out. It is now already so specialised, being overwhelmingly used by volunteers. There are very few pure viewers here.

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Yes true not many people seem to know about it and I too think the volunteers are outnumbered compared to the users who are viewers only. Still I hope this bug will be fixed soon so I can work on “I wanna hear your song”. Wishful thinkingI know…

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And there it is once again. Now Stove Leage is still on coming soon while it should be up.

This is not funny anymore Viki, how long will it take before you finally admit this is indeed a bug Viki needs to fix?!

A new record: The coming soon bug never stayed for more then 15 hours and now it does… Great!

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Wow after more then 24 hours delay I can finally see episode 1, of course all the segging is already done. But now episode 2 is nowhere to be seen yet, not even a coming soon thumbnail, will I have to wait 24 hours again for ep 2 :thinking:

But Viki you made a new record! Now fix it please.

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I’m really confused with your exasperation/frustration? since you are a segmenter there, and did some segmenting work in that drama [STOVE LEAGUE]. Who are you really blaming for the delay in adding the subtitles in the drama? You keep saying Viki made a new record and to fix it. How can they fix it, and who will/can do the fixing? You have a full team working there (you included) What am I missing in here?

Is it that the team formed there (you included), are being stopped/prevented from adding the subtitles in the drama? Just curious to know…enlighten me, please.