The Devil Judge


Who would like to join a petition to remove Su Hyeon’s character from the drama?
Remember “Jackpot, The Royal Gambler”? We all kept saying that the female lead was useless, unlikeable and plays no important role in the story, and finally her character was removed. So maybe we do have a chance, if we all put our hearts to it.


Yes, please. I’m in.

Oh, I remember her. Even though I was not in the community back then, I watched the drama, and I always thought she was useless. No offense :roll_eyes::sob:


Is your personal life getting affected by her?

Please watch dramas for entertainment purpose only!
If you don’t like it, please stop watching it.


Such a hateful and illogical personal attack. What’s wrong with you today?
I am expecting an apology if we are ever to interact here again.

(Of course I watch for entertainment, and that’s the whole point: my entertainment from an otherwise excellent drama is somehow marred from that character.
And if you go around a little bit, on the web to read comments, you will realize I’m definitely not alone in thinking this).


I’m sorry @irmar! I think you misunderstood me :persevere:
Why would I personally attack you?
That’s bad and I didn’t expect that from you either.

There is nothing wrong. I was just asking.

Is it the actor’s fault? Just asking.
We don’t know right. There are still 3 weeks for the finale. We don’t how her character will grow and she is the one for ga on. May be that’s why they wrote her character. And I don’t want to offend anyone but won’t the actor career gets affected by what you do?

Yes that’s an absolute thing you are not the only one who is annoyed by her I agree.
But all I want to say is we should not affect some other person’s life.
And now I want to be as quite as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings.

I was saying this in general to people who have problems with actors and their roles



This is interesting to read.


I will read it :slightly_smiling_face: thanks @angelight313_168


I’m happy for you ! I think you will enjoy the story now!

Let’s not take these things personally and let’s not spoil our good relations. I’m looking forward to work with you!

I really don’t want any misunderstandings @irmar.


Oh, neither do I!


Thank you! :purple_heart:


How many are ready for the finale?


I truly have no idea how this is going to end. In my opinion, there’s no way it will be pretty.


I also think the same.


This summary contents spoilers:


The EU (and others) request clinical trials? Nice try, even if this is all fictional.

And: The really important human organs can only be used if they are completely healthy.


Hide spoliers please


Well, I felt that (I’m talking about the character not the actress) it was somehow unlucky fitted… at the beginning we could understand the story when they were young and Ga On lost his family. But the longer it went on… it felt at times out of place or not fitting in the flow of the drama so I can see why folks including me were annoyed, not only that but she was a cop and acted always alone, this seemed also strange… so it looked like a filler or a tool for a scene. - I think the actress portrayed the character as it was supposed to be, it was not any bad acting or so. - Well also the way she was there and the guy came out and shot her was a bit awkward…


Sie war auch einfach nur eine Art “Treiber” für die Handlung rund um Ga-on, so wie eine Art Enzym.

Ich bin eh dagegen, Schauspieler*innen regelmäßig zu dissen, nur weil die Autoren, Regisseure oder wer auch immer ein bisschen doof sind.
Ich wundere mich nur, dass sie sich nicht öfter wehren, aber vermutlich würden sie dann als schwierig gelten.


What’s/Where’s the spoiler?

I was so happy and looking forward to reading a big chunk of a spoiler, and it left me hanging.

I dropped the drama a while ago bc it was totally different from what I thought the story was about. Not much to see in the end. Don’t be surprised if the ending sucks big time.

PS. Take that back the ending didn’t suck but in my opinion could have been better.


Really is it so bad?


It’s not bad…just


Some commenters didn’t like that it was left opened for a second season (things left hanging)