The drama Go, Single Lady - Mike He

The drama “Go, Single Lady” will begin on 8 December and i’m looking for Segmenters, Subbers (Chi.eng) and other languages moderatores!
You are welcome to joint the team!

I love Mike He!!! i’d like to help as spanish subber :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help as a german moderator

I would love to help in this drama

thank with the spanish moderator doramasasiaticos2

yes, Welcome to the team

what you want to do?

Ouhh, i would like to help at segmenting

I can help subbing from English to Spanish if you still need it ^^

I can help with English-Spanish and segmenting.

Thanks, Welcome to the team

If you want please send a message to the spanish moderator - doramasasiaticos2

Thanks! But if you want to help with the spanish subs talk with the moderatora - doramasasiaticos2 -

I can help subb or be moderator

I love Mike He! I’d like be italian moderator =)

Can I be another spanish moderator?

I can translate from English to French, i’d be happy to help you !

welcome to the team

any news about this drama…?

we already have a spanish mod.