The English language lacks


I am from the American South …I love it when internationals here us talk and immediately open a book or app for translation to see what it is we said …because we pronounce things like no other English speaking people in the world, and have odd rules for specifics such as, 'What kinda Coke you want ? A Sprite ?"


yep! :sweat_smile::joy:


The shop owner of our favorite Korean shop always says instead of “Kartoffel” (potatoe) “Kartoppel”, which sounds so funny. :joy:

And the Korean band “VIXX” - I’m really glad, that this is pronounced like “PIXXE”, because the German pronounciation means a 19+ rated word for masturbation. People, who don’t know Kpop and read this name for the first time are kind of surprised, shocked and amused.