The good doctor

well I was browsing through HULU checking new programs and all, wow! found Good Doctor! new on ABC, the first episode was good, of course not like the Korean version, but close to it. so good its on the American tv, I really hope its an eye opener for a lot of people here in the USA,it is really amazing to see these (at least) two countries Korea & Usa kinda switch their shows, I really hope the good doctor will be a hit. and as for criminal minds, still looking for that but really hope that one is a success too . for any drama or movie they switch, hope they will make it work.


I’m watching it too :smiley: love the actors! So far so good, and criminal minds you can watch on kissasian. It’s a website, free, but the dramas are subbed and yiuncan cast it on tv.

I found it on drama fire too

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Good to know :blush:

I have watched episode 2 as well.
I believe some points are great however I don’t agree with some other.
Let’s see how it will go.

I really hope they don’t ruin it :pray:t3:

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I agree I really hope they don’t mess it up. there is one part that does bother me, but this is the senior person talking here, so I take it with a grain of salt, I have enjoyed both episodes by the way. yeah see how it goes…

Now I want to know which part :joy:

For me, two things that bothered me a bit were firstly, that the female resident seems to me too different than the Korean version and secondly, I didn’t like the fact that Sawn couldn’t make diagnoses very quickly (in episode 2)If you have seen the Korean version you would understand what I mean.


True, still I prefer the shows not to be identical. It makes it non-predictable, and I like this twist in Shaun’s personality, how he has his own challenges, right?

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I also agree, but some of the story has changed as well. I don’t recall that liver transplant? I must go back & see. the brother is older not the younger, awww, yeah I am looking at the differences, but like you I would like some differences. note criminal minds, not here but elsewhere, so close to the American one it isn’t funny, and please excuse me, but therre is not the black guy playing the that one guy. b ut soooo close again it isn’t funny, yeah non predictable, so how about it? lets have some challenges huh? even Hodge and whatever the head guy is , so close for comfort.

Back to our good doctor, I hope they will give him a good friend like on the korean version

Haven’t seen criminal minds yet, but it’s on my list :smiley: It’s been a while since I watched the series, but as I said, and you agreed, it’s better not to have too similar shows, cause it makes it predictable.
What I do hope is that, in order to make it extensive and so forth, like americans love to do with shows, i hope they don’t add unnecessary things and make it stretchy just for the sake of rating.
I know it won’t have just one season if it is good, but I don’t see how this show can have 12 seasons hahahaha do you get me?
I still hope they can address a sort of love life, to show, somehow, that autistic people CAN love and BE loved in return, but I think I would hate it if they jsut did the hot sex thing in the middle… PLEASE, DON’T, PRODUCERS, WRITERS, PLEASE DON’T TURN THIS INTO A SEX MEDICAL SHOW!

@marygrether1_gmail_c, @rochis86
Well, I don’t mind the differences in a show generally.
That’s why I said about the two things I mentioned that they bothered me only a bit.
That doesn’t mean I won’t watch the show. I love quality medical shows and so far this gives me that quality.
As for making it stretchy or not that would have to wait and see, it is only the first four episodes aired so far.

True, we’ll have to wait and see :hugs:

this last episode was fine, he finally realized he made a mistake and his face just says it all!

I forgot to watch it :joy::joy::joy: I am watching, like, 8 shows and I FORGOT, o remembered yesterday and I was, like, nooooo lol and today, stranger things marathon :pray:t3:

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oh yeah! thanks for reminding me! love those marathons!

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Oh, god, I almost died here. Such a good episode, yet so sad :sob:

I’m not sure if I understood what you wrote correctly. Are you really saying that showing the autistic doctor having a love life and including a bed scene would turn the show into a “sex medical show”?
So if they show the characters cooking and eating, does it turn into a cooking show?
If they show them visiting a tourist spot, does it become a tourist documentary?
I’m not getting this logic. Sex is part of a couple’s life, just like cooking, going to the movies and visiting nice places.

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I think they were saying that about those other drs that the show showed them in bed at the beginning. not me!!, but would like for the “good dr” maybe have a scene with his neighbor that I think would be nice. to me I would rather just have no sex scenes, hey the korean one didn’t… but if thats what people want. guess I have to be quiet. still going to enjoy it…