The highlight of your day


Hi everyone!
I know that times are tough and everyone has to cope somehow with the situation “a small virus” brought us into.
It challenges us, it frightens us, it brings out the best or worst in us, …
Still, there are things that make us keep going people, pets, projects, … Maybe it’s only the sun coming up and the new day, that will make us go on. We do things we might not have a had a lot of time for in the past - like reading. We might work our buts off and think back, when we said this in the past that we had a hard day, and compared to now it was nothing. We will think about people we met in our lives and after years of silence feel the need to contact them. We discover each day that our patience is probably not that great as we though, while some event doesn’t bother us any longer.

But one thing has not changed we are all social beings, we want attention, interaction, chats, …

We want to laugh, feel good and don’t want to worry all the time. Some may be lucky with the realization to be healthy at the moment, having a home, food, water. To be happy that people out there still do their job from the garbage collector to the ones filling the shelves in the supermarkets, …

Our world might be changing in the time before and after Covid-19. Some might lose their job, others will suddenly work from home and the next one might develop a new strategy to stay in business.

So besides the bad things that happen right now … Is there a highlight of your day? A thing you might do regularly - like a workout, meditation, ritual, … Cocking, old recipes, new recipes, … Crafts you discover or rediscover? Anything that made you enjoy some minutes or hours/days?

It would be nice if you could share, one small thing that happened to you today and brought a smile on your face …

My wish for you - I hope you make it through this day, that you have the strength and the time to cope with our time, the events happening in your life, the loneliness, the stress, the challenges, the news, the numbers, the confrontations, …

Stay healthy - in mind and body!


So my highlight this morning when I turned out the lights past midnight. I could hear a bird singing one of two birds named in the drama Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare - the nightingale.

And I just listened to that bird while falling a sleep, it was a feeling of comfort and a promise of spring. I start to realize that now in times of restricted social contacts with others I listen more to the sound of nature. I know that I am lucky to live close to the woods and having some nature around the house.
In case you are living where no nightingale is around or your windows are more soundproof than mine:

(The website is from the Naturschutzbund in Germany - it’s an old association to protect nature, on the first link it has an audio data from the nightingale and on the second it is a bird clock with most common birds in Germany and what they look and sound like, I think you should be able to experience these without German knowledge.)

It was nice listening to it although I hope I will be already sleeping when it sings. Stay safe!


I suddenly have to think of a fairy tale I read in my youth again: :slight_smile:


@mirjam_465 Wow, although I read a lot of fairy tales in my life, I missed out on this one, and there are so many artists who were inspired to create something with this story in mind. Seems I need to look for it.
Thank you!


Watching Venus planet in the west at sunset and night. A small compact camera could capture the Venus and the Pleiades next to it, if you have a chance try to look west/northwest it’s also called either the Morningstar since you can see it in the very early hour before sunrise and at sunset it’s the Evening star; I wished I had a telescope! Next will be full moon, a super moon / Pink Moon, the brightest moon in spring to come April 7th, don’t miss it!

Don’t sweat the big stuff, enjoy the little things :wink: Everyday is a learning day or something to cherish; yesterday a bee sat on my hand palm as if she wanted say hello :heart_eyes:


@simi11 I can see Venus, as I have a broad view to the west from my room.
Actually, last month we had a nice full moon and my mom and I had a silent moment watching it, and we were lucky, since the next day it was so cloudy you couldn’t even see the moon at all.
So tomorrow I plan on watching the moon again, from my mom’s room since her window is facing the east.
So I hope there will not be many clouds this time too.
I hope you can enjoy it from your place as well.


I just thank God for another day,the sun shining, hearing the birds churp away, the cats outside my home, wanting something to eat, course I do feed them, at least 3, not letting them in.

I have allergies, but I can breathe, just went for a walk with my little dog, should rephrase, he walked me. yesssss another blessed day to enjoy, crocheting, learning new stitches, sewing, gardening, learning how to do hydrophonics,

a smile? yeah in a couple of days, seeds are rooting, now need to find a place to plant them,

warm & breezy in NC at this food, roof over my head, clothes as well, sociable? not now but have facebook, the phone to just talk, thats ok to.

yea a smile on my face, listening to the “news” of so many people suffering cause of this virus, thank you God for another day and being healthy. I also pray for the people too. just think we /I could be that number.


Smile and laugh, deep from the heart, through impulses and inner energies, the little things, a nice word, friendliness … Enjoy, absorb, inhale the power of nature, the wind, the Ocean :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart::heart:
Wie klein wir doch alle sind :grin::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Lächeln und Lachen, tief aus dem Herzen, durch Impulse und innere Energien, die kleinen Dinge, ein nettes Wort, Freundlichkeit … Aufnehmen, einatmen, die Kraft der Natur genießen…der Wind, das Meer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
How small we are all :grin::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My highlight today - okay past midnight again - yesterday. Dancing with my mom (77) to Nancy Sinatra’s - Those boots are made for walking, watching her smile and see how her youthful eyes were full of joy.
Wish you all a moment of bliss even in these times. :dancing_women:


well mine is dancin’ queen, love these boots are made for walking. Hey Elvis said if you dont have some one to dance with, grab a chair! my partner is a broom! love it thanks for sharing!


Highlight of yesterday, hmm past midnight again even getting closer to 1 am. I really need to go to sleep at 11 pm tomorrow no matter what. I need more sleep.

But the highlight today I shared it with my mom again. We were sitting in her room watching the full moon and suddenly a mini-bat flew by. That little cute thing flew quite some time and a bird, a small one, I couldn’t figure out which kind it was. It flew right under my roof. So I told my mom maybe she is getting a neighbor. If she will be wakened from little birds in a few weeks, she knows why. It was nice to see this pretty scenery. As today, we had over 20°C nice warm spring day we went outside in our garden to enjoy the sun for a bit.
Have some warming feelings too, if there is no sunshine where you live. :sun_with_face:


Wow it’s 1 am again …

Today I got a break - 1 hour to relax and put my feet up.
The moon still looked nice today as well.


my area is supposed to get up to 80. good time for planting my seeds


For someone who’s used to Celsius that sounds pretty hot, haha!

Good luck! I hope everything will grow and bloom like you’re hoping for! :slight_smile:



I wait patiently for 7:00 p.m.
Then I have to finish work, and my highlight :hugs::hugs:
Then I have 4 days off :blush::blush:


Ohh, this is golden! Xiao Zhan is a hot boy :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!
That dance is so cute gay too! And he sang another song with this lady.
I just wished there were lyrics to sing with, what a riot and a party!!


I want to sing along too and luckily we can:

Well, it does take some practice, haha. :musical_note::notes:


Jääähh :heart: the Untamed :heart: the best movie ever :heart_eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@mirjam_465 Awesome, thank you so much!! The easiest part was “whoa whoa…”
the long ones felt like a tongue twister feng ya feng ya… difficult.

Folks watch it on YT since video won’t play in this forum! We should make the volunteers to do a cover, lol! What a party!!

Here is the song I mentioned earlier with the same lady singer, it’s beautiful and the harmony is great!